■Author: Chukwudi Okeze 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 18, December 2018
It has become so baffling that the Nigerian government has failed woefully in the area of proving itself to the world that they are democratically balanced and suitable beyond every reasonable doubt in this 21 century. For over one month and some weeks now, a sensitive allegations of an impostor presiding over the political and governmental economic affairs of not less than 180,000,000 million citizens of the country Nigeria, has been raised strongly and convincingly by the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) with most reference to some physical changes and observations obtainable in the life of the current president of the country president Muhammadu Buhari. But to the greatest surprise of all, Nigeria government being so inconsistent and deceitful has decided to shy away from this without proving themselves innocent and sincere to the clarity of the masses and the entire world at large. Could it be that the Nigerian government does not understand the level of reputational damage obtainable from this allegation? If Nigerian government are truly wise, the first thing they should have done is to refute Nnamdi Kanu's claims by proving it wrong and irrelevant thereby clearing the air with facts and figures and put this very scenario to an end. But till today, one would still be wondering why the Nigerian government decided to keep mute over this very sensitive allegation which has even gone so far to the awareness of the international community. Or do they think that this matter is a mere joke and will not be taken seriously by most reputable international bodies? SHOULD NIGERIAN CITIZENS KEEP MUTE AND ALLOW THIS ALLEGATION DIE OFF LIKE THAT WITHOUT KNOWING THE REAL TRUTH OF THIS MATTER? In most civilized countries, it is the duty of the leaders presiding over the affairs of its citizens to clarify most certain doubt emanating from its citizens. But when this is not rightfully done, it is now in the hand of the citizens to take proper action in order to retain their strength and power as a people who gave that leader the mandate to operate in that particular government. By now, the citizens of Nigeria should know and understand that the government they so much kept their hope on, has absolutely betrayed their conscience and has conspired evil against them all. An allegation of a body double has been laid on Nigerian government which the citizens wholesomely gave its mandate to represent them, and the citizens have kept demanding for absolute clarity to this allegations, but the same government has decided to prove deaf ear to this and pretend as if nothing is going on. Now, should the citizens keep mute and allow this matter swept gradually under the carpet? To answer the above question, it will be so stupid and cowardice for a country with the population of over 180,000,000 citizens to allow such sensitive allegation leveled upon its government to die off and swept under the carpet without popper investigations and clarity. Since the government whom the citizens gave their mandates to, has decided to violate the human rights of its citizens by depriving them the right to know who is actually presiding over the country's affair, is it not proper for the citizens to take back their mandate through popper process and actions? How can you keep hoping to work with a system which hides the truth from you and lying to you as their citizens and yet keeps ordering and controlling you without any measure whereas you were the one who gave them that power they are working with and can still at any given point in time take it back from. Let Nigerians stand up today to their feet and say no to impersonation of their president. Let them demand from their government a clarification of who is presiding over the affairs of their country.
They must take proper action such as civil disobedience like elections boycott, protest and petitioning to pressurize the government in knowing who is the current president presiding over their economic affairs.
If Nigerians fail to take this actions, they shall remain cowards and useless in the eyes of both the entire world and even to those whom they gave their mandates to preside over there affairs
It is time for Nigerians to wake up and demand a total clarification of who is presiding over their whole affairs in Aso Rock. Else, I think it is more pop for them to boycott the government and its entire system and work hard to regain there lost mandates. Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum For Umuchiukwu Writers
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