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■ 03, Dec. 2018

Good day Biafrans all over the world, friends of Biafra, haters of Biafra and lovers of freedom. We welcome you all to this week edition of our weekly news analysis.
We have come again and our mission is to expose the deceitful activities of the Nigerian government and get you informed about the happenings around the globe. Feel relaxed as we gradually open these wonderful news packages.

‘I pulled off this dirty uniform and fled’ — soldier speaks on deadly Boko Haram attack

Recently, there was an attack launched against the Nigerian soldiers in Metele Borno state by Boko Haram terrorism group. This attack claimed the lives of so many soldiers and one of the soldiers who escaped the deadly attack on the military formation in Metele in Borno state on November 18 has narrated how he escaped. Over 100 soldiers attached to 157 task force battalion were reportedly killed in the attack while the armoury at the formation was looted.

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There have been attacks from this group for long and the Nigeria government are yet to battle them but only good at killing innocent people. The soldier who spoke off the record said more than 100 of his colleagues fled the attack whereas the Nigerian military press claimed that only 23 soldiers were killed. 

They not only send the soldiers to battle this well armed terrorist group with bare hands, but also degrades their sacrifices by not giving them their deserved respects.
The soldier accused the military authorities of lying to the public about the insurgency in the north-east, calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to act. 

But it's unfortunate that the Presidency is incapacitated because there's been an impostor who came from Sudan and of course does not know anything about Nigeria left alone the military sector. Recall that soldiers were deployed to Operation Last Hold to fight Boko Haram under Major General Abbah Diego and according to this soldier making this report, they have all been crushed by Boko Haram because they have no ammunition. But Nigerian military have the whole Biafra land surrounded by army checkpoints and each barrack are heavily armed with armored tanks, machine guns and other sophisticated components for war. 

I could vividly remember how these armouries were rolled out on the streets during the operation python dance 2. I could also remember that there were fighter jets hovering around the whole Biafra land during that operation. Nigerian military have ammunitions to clamp down on innocent citizens but have none to battle Boko Haram; this is the beginning of their misfortunes. Our only worry is the deaths of our Biafran brothers in the Nigerian military because they are victimized more than others.

NNPC source close to the GMD, Maikanti Baru says the corporation has given Mr. John Momoh, CEO of @channelstv over N19billion to promote president @MBuhari since 2015 and block negative reportage against the government. This is the sole reason @channelstv will never tell you the legit truth about the impostorized Jubril in Aso Rock. This is the reason @channelstv will never report about the killings of IPOB members but will hastily write in contradictory form to tag IPOB a terrorist group. This is why @chennelstv will always support the evil deeds of the Presidency. If you want to know the chief propagandists in journalism, @channelstv is one and therefore people must stop watching or following them.

FG can’t destroy Biafra by force —- Bishop Enyioha

Founder and General Overseer of Friends of Jesus Global Mission, Owerri, Bishop Maglorious Enyioha, has declared that the Nigerian government cannot destroy Biafra by force. He noted this during the weekend, while addressing a press conference in Owerri. He advised the Federal Government to adopt a more humane and practical approach to the growing agitation for a free Biafra, instead of using force.
While he was speaking, he stated that "the Python Dance, initiated and executed by the Nigerian Army, has become history. People died in the process but the agitation has remained. 

Bishop Enyioha is not far from the truth, view from my own side, the Nigerian government can never stop or destroy the Biafra agitation not even forcefully nor peacefully. The only way forward is to allow Biafra be and this might take up the strength of violent or peace; the ball is in their court. If violence or use of force could have stopped Biafra, the era of 1967-1970 would have stopped Biafra. But after decades, this agitation continues; agitators are killed on daily basis, and yet their deaths only strengthens the hive of the agitation for an independent Biafra. This should be enough to fill the brains of those who think that Biafra agitation will be destroyed by force that such insinuation is nothing but a joke.

Igbos must be prayerful as forces against 2023 Igbo presidency at work – Okorocha

Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha has said there are forces working against Igbo presidency in 2023 election as he urges all igbos to be prayerful. He said the present battle he is undergoing with the likes of Senator Hope Uzodinma, Ifeanyi Araraume and his deputy, Eze Madumere, is as a result of some selfish politicians building up their political career for 2023 election.
This is when I begin to realize that some of the politicians in the so called South East and South South are heavily intoxicated with alcohol. Okorocha is presently the Imo state governor, has not made any difference. 

He is also admiring the senatorial constituency of Orlu in Imo state and at the same time has the long throat for Presidency as far as 2023. This only means that there are no other younger political aspirants anywhere in the country.
This is by the way. The simple command is that there shall be no election in the whole Biafra land until a referendum date is given for Biafrans to determine their political fate in Nigeria. 

Okorocha is not even thinking about this, but selfishly talking about 2023. This means that he does not give a dam about the quests of those he claims to be leading. Anyways he can campaign for thy kingdom come, but none of the election activities will take place in Biafra land unless referendum is conducted. Okorocha can take his election bid to the north or Southwest, it's all up to him; but for Biafra land, he won't dare try our patience. 

It’s idiotic to say Buhari is cloned – FG

The Federal Government via the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has reacted in interview with journalists in Abuja on Thursday to those claiming that President Muhammadu Buhari was cloned . 

It described such talk as idiotic and that such people peddling the rumour were not worthy of getting government reaction. His response followed questions that the Federal Government should clear the air on the Allegations. Lai noted that "he don’t see any serious government responding to that while he claims that “the same Jubril that was cloned from Sudan or Chad is in Chad now. He also claimed that the same Jubril is remembering what the President did while in Petroleum Trust Fund and he is also remembering what he did when he was head of state between 1983 and 1985.

And now I want to break this bit by bit. Lai Mohammed is the minister for lies in Nigeria and I don't think anyone will be surprised hearing him say that Jubril was said to come from Chad. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Supreme leader of IPOB is the first person to declare the true identity of Jubril and he never twisted it. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made it clear that the current impostor in Aso Rock is from Sudan, but because Lai Mohammed wants to twist the truth as always, he made it look as if Jubril is from Chad. Even though Jubril is from Chad, countries are not written on people's foreheads. Lai Mohammed should be conscious of how he tell lies because he can never hide the truth. 

There's one challenge expected from them and not all these tales; this challenge is the presidential debate.

A suspected Biafra militia training camp discovered in Rivers – Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army says its personnel of the 6 Division have discovered an illegal militia training camp at Nonwa Gbam (NYSC Orientation Camp) in Tai Local Government Area (LGA) of Rivers State. 

This is barely 72 hours after the Ogoni Elders Forum accused the Federal Ministry of Environment of deploying troops to Ogoni communities ostensibly to provide “security services” for the clean-up and remediation. 

Aminu Iliyasu, a Colonel and Deputy Director of Army Public Relations, said the soldiers discovered the camp during a routine surveillance of the area. The troops met over 100 recruits undergoing military-type of training,” he said. “Preliminary investigations into the discovery have commenced in conjunction with sister security agencies in the state to fish out the sponsors of the militia and the training camp.

Meanwhile Governor of the state, Wike Nyesom, has reacted to the development, saying the Nigerian Army are now a political weapon against defenceless Nigerians.

He stated that the Army’s disruption of the training camp in Rivers State meant for Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency Training programme is the worst act of irresponsibility, aimed at instigating insecurity in the State. “The Army is not concerned about the killing of soldiers in Borno. They are only interested in creating insecurity in Rivers State,” he said. “If you don’t want Rivers State to be safe, then Nigeria will not be safe. They want to use their guns against us.” The Governor said that Zamfara and Kogi States have vigilante outfits, which were commissioned by the Army and the APC-led Federal Government. He wondered why the Army would stoop so low to disrupt a legal training exercise.

While this is happening, Boko Haram terrorists are busy slaughtering the few soldiers left in the North. Boko Haram have taken over military bases in Borno state but Nigeria army are busy deploying troops to a peaceful place.

Sudanese Govt finally reacts to Nnamdi Kanu's exposure of Jubril in Aso Rock

The Sudanese Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed has revealed that the Sudanese Government will soon begin a probe into the allegation that a Sudanese National is impersonating the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In a statement from the office of Mr. Al-Dirdiri, he said that “After Receiving Several Petitions From Various Global Organizations And Pressure From The International Community, The Republic Of Sudan Has Concluded Plans To Launch An In-depth Investigation Into The Report Of Our Purported Citizen ‘Jubril Al-Sudani Aminu’ Allegedly Impersonating The President Of The Nigerian State.”
However, we only see this as a camouflage. Nigerian government can buy the whole of Sudane because Black African countries have no conscience. The only way to prove to us that there's no Jubril impersonating Late Muhammadu Buhari is by coming out publicly via a presidential debate.

Atiku to FG: Address Issues Raised By Nnamdi Kanu that you are a Foreigner

Atiku Abubakar, former Vice- President and presidential flgabearer of the Peoples Democratic has told the presidency and the Federal Government to leave him alone and focus their attention on addressing the concerns over the identity of President Muhammadu Buhari.

 Atiku who spoke through Segun Sowunmi, spokesman of his campaign organisation advises them that should go and concern themselves with the allegations of duplicity and multiple personality sitting in Aso Villa.

Atiku Abubakar can not deceive us ooooo. Political ambition can lead desperate minds do anything. Atiku is power intoxicated, gullible Nigerians will see this and begin to jump up. In as much as Jubril is continously exposed, we advise anyone trying to use such medium for political campaign to desist because it won't work.

Buhari’s to blame over Boko Haram killings – South African mercenary

A South African mercenary who fought Boko Haram jihadists in Nigeria spoke out on Sunday against President Muhammadu Buhari’s handling of the Islamist insurgency, blaming "poor political decisions” for an upsurge in violence.

Eeben Barlow criticised Buhari for claiming that Boko Haram is “technically defeated” and said the jihadists are “causing numerous casualties and capturing massive amounts of equipment and ammunition.”
The former South African Defense Force commander said that Buhari’s government cut short his contract after his company STTEP — which stands for Specialized Tasks, Training, Equipment and Protection — helped reclaim swathes of territory back from Boko Haram at the peak of the nine-year Islamist insurgency in 2015. 

He also said that “Pressure forced only a small part of the campaign to be successfully implemented before they were ordered to pack up and leave,” Barlow said. “Many of the men we trained as part of 72 Mobile Strike Force have remained in contact with us (STTEP), pleading for our return to Nigeria ,” he said.

“They have also told us that they have been used to a point of exhaustion.” Meanwhile More than 27,000 people are thought to have been killed in the Islamist insurgency that has triggered a humanitarian crisis and left 1.8 million people without homes, while the Nigerian military keep fighting and killing innocent people, Boko Haram uses the advantages to kill and overrun them in the North.

Igbo Governors Responsible For Killing IPOB Members-APC chieftain

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Abia state and the Director-General of the Uchechukwu Ogah Campaign Organization, Kelvin Ugboaja, has revealed those who should be held responsible for the killing of members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) during the Python Dance military operation in South-East last year. He opined that governors from the zone were responsible for the killing of the IPOB members. 

According to Ugboaja, “The governors are chief security officers of their states. The South-East governors met and invited the President to come to the South-East because of IPOB.

“They were the one that asked the President to send the soldiers to the South-East. In fact, the first place supposed to be Anambra state but Governor Obiano said no, he was preparing for election… that soldiers should come to Abia, that the IPOB members were too close to the state government house. That the soldiers should come and clear the IPOB members. “We know the truth. 

So, they should be held responsible for what happened in South-East because they invited the soldiers. And they were supposed to control what happens here.
APC led by Muhammadu Buhari is confuse. We are aware that the Governors and some politicians in Biafra land planned for the killings of IPOB members, and we are holding them responsible. This does not mean that the Muhammadu led APC is exempted. This very assertion has fallen on deaf ears. 

In fact, who controls the armed forces of Nigeria? So Governors asked you to bring down troops to kill your citizens and you quickly adhered and now you are trying to exempt yourself because election date is close. And how come you are just saying it now? We know your tricks and it has failed this time. We are not voting unless a date for referendum is given. The blood of every IPOB/Biafran killed is on the heads of Nigeria government and is as simple as that.

We’re under siege by herdsmen, Delta women protest

TWO days after suspected herdsmen shot dead a pipeline guard at Edjekota-Ogor community in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, hundreds of women, yesterday, stormed the Ughelli Council Secretariat and the ‘A’ Division Police Station in protest of the activities of armed herdsmen. The women also threatened that if the herdsmen were not evicted from their community in the next seven days, they would cripple vehicular movement at the Ogor Junction axis of the East/West Road, noting that they no longer go to their farms for fear of being killed by herdsmen. The protesters stormed the streets of Ughelli as early as 7a.m, carrying placards with various inscriptions. Addressing the council chairman, Godwin Adode and the Divisional Police Officer, Muhammad Zakari, at the Ughelli North secretariat, leader of the protesters, Rebecca Ekakitie also condemned the killing of the pipeline guard, while trying to prevent a rape attempt on his wife by a herdsman.

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