Biafra: Do Igbos Really Hate Themselves? (Part 2)

■ Author: Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 03, Dec. 2018

In Every 12, there must be a judas. The statement "Igbos Are Not United" is parochial, myopic, epileptic and unfounded; It is riddled with logical dislocation and at a bloody war with common sense.

The major problem of Ndigbo are those unscrupulous set of "My Mama Say I Be Igbo" who run to all public domains to sing that we hate ourselves just because we have little in-house rancour.

"Igbos Don't Love Themselves, Igbos Are Selfish, Greedy This and That" is an Ideology, Phrase and conspiracy of the North and Western section of Nigeria to further create disunity among the Igbos; It's been bounded out of jealousy, envy and greed, and that's why they are working hard to justify evil among Ndigbo.
Let's face reality.

IPOB members 

Is it only Igbos that hate themselves? I'll answer this question with facts.
To The North

1) In 1982, Gen. Buhari overthrew Alh Shehu Shagari via a military coup.
2) Gen. Babangida overthrew his brother Buhari via a military coup.
3) Gen. Sani Abacha strucked his brother and toppled him.

4) Some Hausa's connived with the British and poisoned him,Yet no Northerner said Hausa's Hate themselves. Boko Haram and fulani herdsmen are product of the North against the north; Yet No Northerner said Hausa's Hate Themselves.

To The West;

1) In 2015, Apc Named Osibanjo as Buhari's running mate without consultation, and against the choice of western governors; The western governors forum expressed their disapproval and later calmed; Yet I didn't hear anybody said "Yoruba Hate Themselves.

2) Pastor Freez attacked Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Adeboye on the issue of tithing.

3) I don't want to mention the alleged involvement of some Yoruba stakeholders in the arrest, imprisonment and death of their son Abiola.

4) Many Yoruba stake holders knows about Buhari's death, yet refused to speak up because they don't want Osibanjo their son to be sworn in as president; Yet no westerner said Yoruba hate themselves
Brethren, Igbos are united, Igbos love themselves more than any tribe in Nigeria can love its people.

The fact that a few element in the Igbo region have some reservation about the choice of Peter Obi as Atiku's running mate doesn't mean that Igbos are not united, this type of misunderstanding has happened in several parts of Nigeria and the world.

Those Igbos saying "we don't love ourselves" Please stay away from self-hatred, you are the one who don't love yourself; Because we justify other people through ourselves.

(More facts including biblical coming out in part 3, stay tune).

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