Nigeria: A Failed Estate Of The British Empire

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 02, Nov. 2018

Nigeria is the most useless and corrupt entity I have ever seen on the surface of these earth, very disgusting and stagnating that sometimes I ask Nigerians what intention do British government have when they were creating this hell known as Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country that kills your dreams and aspirations, leaves you frustrated and depressed, just imagine a situation whereby the slave trade didn't happen and some of our people transported to Europe and sold out to America, maybe by now people like Ricky Rose, Chris Brown and others might still be here probably be wheelbarrow pushers or pure water hawkers, Zik of Africa said and I quote " broken bottles have no mekwatarism" meaning broken bottles cannot be amended again, now to you gullible folks still clamoring for one Nigeria and 2019 elections I have this question to ask you, since Nigeria is now a failed state what is your hop

IPOB members maltreated By Nigeria Army.

That very enclave you call a country is a typical example and definition of a failed state, it's high time we tell ourselves the truth, although it pricks the consciousness of some Nigerians but the lack the boldness and courage to speak the truth openly, a lot of you idiot's shouting am proudly Nigerian don't know that your parents shouted up Nepa for almost 40years ago, both you, your parents and children still shout the same up Nepa today and you are telling me Nigeria is not fantastically a failure, your stupidity is worse than that of a sheep.

Do you know that Nigeria has failed so woefully that little children are now rejecting her, the very day I notice it was one early morning I overheard my neighbor's children telling their dad they hate reciting the Nigeria national anthem when their dad asked why? Lo and behold this kids proudly told their dad why must i recite it, when we no longer go to school with salvages, how can we serve Nigeria with all our strength when we now drink garri to school, its no longer hidden to them that Nigeria has failed them, they chosen to protest by not reciting the national anthem, what a shame that even God has chosen not to bless Nigeria because to him he never created it but agents of Lucifer did, and for the fact that the throne of Lucifer is located in Nigeria pains, suffering and agony shall continue to befall one Nigerians, your prayers are worsening the punishment every blessed day, you want God to bless a corrupt entity like Nigeria you must be insane.

Why did i say Nigeria is fantastically a Failed state: it's a failed state in the sense that a man named Buhari who is now late promised to change Nigeria and defeat Boko harm if elected president in 2015, only for him to now turn around to give Nigerians chain and terrorist killer herdsmen, it's a failed state because their hospitals are ill-equipped and ill-staffed, while their politicians still travel overseas for medical checkups, Nigeria has failed woefully to the extent that prostitution is now a profession most political elites now patronage, it's the only place on the surface of this earth where politicians without ideological leadership, vision or mission are allowed into public offices, a place where I have to cover myself with odighieshi charms just to protect myself against murderous happy trigger terrorist security agents, an entity were children are hopelessly begging for food on the streets, future generation for that matter.

Nigeria is an evil country where individuals provide their own water, road, medical and electricity yet government still collect taxes from them, in fact, that country is not just a failed state but fantastically a failure to her citizens, just imagine a country where brilliant citizens are rewarded with yam and empowered with wheelbarrow while sex promoters, terrorists and looters are rewarded with jumbo packages, that zoo has the highest number of internally displaced people in the world when they are not at war, Nigeria is cursed and hopeless to the core.

So sadden and painful that up till now myopic Nigerians have not realized that Nigeria is a failure, anybody telling you him or her is proudly a Nigerian must be a criminal and a cheater, Nigeria represent the kingdom of wickedness, it's only in that enclave that politicians are criminals and fraudsters who operate different foreign bank accounts, and their citizens are dying of hunger while their country ranked the headquarters of poverty.

Nigeria has fallen to rise no more, liberate yourself now or remain a failure forever.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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