A Sovereign Biafra Nation Shall Arise In Africa, To Be The Envy Of The World

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 02, Nov. 2018

I can see a nation that has been in existence for more than five thousand years ago rising from the east and wending its way westwards and surely into the sunset, the rising of this great nation from West Africa is now causing havoc in the camp of her enemies as they now scamper for safety.

It's  no longer news that the history of human race has been characterized by continuous struggle for survival, struggle for social justice, freedom and equality against racial bigotry, for us Biafrans the struggle has been of epic dimensions, we have been derided by our fellow humans culturally, morally, spiritually, intellectually and even physically inferior to other lighter skinned races that inhabit this earth, it is, therefore, not surprising that since the 15th century the European world has treated Africans and in particular Biafrans as a field for exploitation, their policies towards this great nation to emerge have been dictated solely by economic greed.

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For over three centuries Europeans were busy transporting and transplanting millions of Biafrans and African people into slavery when it was no longer profitable to continue with the depopulation and uncontrolled exploitation of this great nation, Europe evolved its formal empires of the 19th century.

The absolute humiliation of Biafra people did not end with the slave trade, the abolition of the slave trade was closely followed by colonialism and subsequently neo-colonialism in other to suppress her from her desired goals, which is to achieve for the black man respect and dignity amongst the comity of races, the brutal and unprecedented rape of this nation was a great violent challenge to the  Blackman's self-respect.

In the face of movement and freedom for her first republic in 1967 the white imperialists changed their tactics, they decided to install puppet African administrations to create the illusion of political disunity in other to sabotage our freedom, therefore this rising nation of ours fought a civil war for almost three years naked, hungry and without ammunition, all we had was the will to survive and a genuine determination to realize our aim, it will be seen later how made did it, the first four lines of a popular War song illustrates the cynical attitude of her soldiers to the acute shortage of administrative items to support them.
take my boots off when I die oh Biafra
send my clothing to the Camp
give my gun to someone else
to fight for motherless. etc.

Biafra is without exaggeration, it's the only true giant of Africa, her technologists and engineers can build military tanks, rockets, mortars, anti-aircraft guns, communications, and telephone system from purely locally sourced materials, a nation that has the most widely diffused petroleum refining technology in black African, the resources concentrated within her territory would be the envy of most countries in Europe and America, her land mass is huge and her climate largely benign, all this will make Biafra not only the most powerful country in the black world but among the dozen powerful nations in the world.

I feel proud that I am a Biafran, for no country in African can match the hope which this beloved nation of ours gives to the suffering and brutalized Blackman whenever and in whatever circumstance he finds himself in this world, from the lowest depths to the highest mountain tops, the nation Biafra remains the last hope of common man and African in general, am here to proclaim this vision of a new Biafra nation:

That i see a Biafra in which we all believe in the sanctity of human life and the dignity of her citizens, a Biafra where the willful and wanton destruction of human life is not only an abominable sin but also a grave crime, a Biafra where every individual count and no one is taken for granted, a Biafra that upholds the dignity of man.

I see a Biafra where sovereignty and power belong to the people, a Biafra clean and peaceful where Children are well taken care of, where pedestrians have footpath to walk on and the level of noise reduced, a Biafra where citizens can have fun, a Biafra that has rediscovered her gaiety, a Biafra which places a high premium on patriotism and Biafrans who have faith and devotion to motherland.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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