By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)
Edited and published by Joseph Afokwalam
West African Examination Council (WAEC) was established in 1952 to administer examinations and issue certificates to West African students at the end of their secondary education. The WAEC certificate is one of the requirements to gain admission into Tertiary Institutions and a minimum qualification for low-level workers in ministries and other government parastatals.  Some students obtain this certificate at one sitting, while others do so at the second or third sitting depending on the level of intelligence, in other words, it is gotten by merit.

This certificate is necessary for everything we do in West Africa because it is the foundation, and we know that foundation is essential in life. Today, the prestigious WAEC certificate has been degraded by Buhari's incompetence. One of the requirements in Nigeria to contest for the office of the President is that you must at least have a secondary school certificate, which is WAEC or it's equivalent. Buhari knows very well that he does not have one, yet he went ahead to contest. When he was asked to provide his WAEC certificate, he lied that it is with the military. A claim the military denied saying, “like every other employer, we do not keep people’s credentials, we only sight them and return them to the employee”. When pressured further, the military said Buhari never presented a secondary school certificate when joining the army; instead, he presented a letter of recommendation written by his school principal.

In February 2015, one Barrister Nnamdi Nwokocha Ahaaiwe filed a case in an Abuja high court, asking the court to disqualify Buhari from contesting the 2015 presidential election because he does not have WAEC certificate and for swearing a false affidavit about it. In a desperate move, Buhari’s handlers produced a certificate riddled with mistakes. Upon investigation, it was observed that the certificate was fake. The northern elites in collaboration with the Yorubas covered up for Buhari, and he contested. These elites did not care that he does not possess the minimum requirement; they rigged him into office because they wanted to remove the incumbent President by all means to install an Islamic fundamentalist who can push their Islamization agenda.

Now that his first four years is almost over, he wants to contest again in 2019 general elections, but this time, the pressure is too high on that certificate issue from the opposition party. What he did was to go to WAEC this time to obtain another certificate to enable him to contest again. The discrepancies in both certificates show that they are fake.

The 2015 certificate shows that he sat for Igbo language and made " A", while there is no Igbo in the 2018 certificate, also there was Mathematics in 2015, but it is not in 2018 cert. He said he sat for the exam in 1961, and the 2015 certificate has Kastina state on it, but as at 1961, Kastina state was yet to be in existence, each result, has different particulars. Mind you, he sat for that exam only once but has two different certificates.

It is noteworthy that 2015 was the fourth time Buhari contested for the office of the president of the federation. He knows the minimum requirement and he knows he does not have it, yet he made no effort to improve himself. Still every four years since 2003, he presents himself for election without meeting the minimum requirement. It is a sign of irresponsibility on his part and a sign of failure and decay in the system.

The question people are asking is why should WAEC issue a certificate to somebody whom their records show did not sit for the examinations? Did they do it because of money or just to be in the good books of the president or were they coerced? They are making a mockery of themselves and putting the future of West African youths in jeopardy. The implications now are that WAEC result may no longer be regarded anywhere in the world. Those having it may face some difficulties; some organizations may refuse to accept it again and consider it inferior or a compromised certificate.

WAEC should do everything possible to clear its name from this ugly situation. Every staff involved in this show of shame should be made to face the music. Staff should be warned to stay away from this fantastically corrupt APC government. They have shown that they are the worst government the world has ever seen. They have corrupted all the institutions in Nigeria, now they are spreading their poisonous tentacles to West Africa. They are so corrosive that if you give them gold, they will corrode it in few days.

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