Biafra: The Man In Aso Rock Nigeria is Not Buhari, He is An Imposter

■ Author: Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 13, Nov. 2018

Ignorance is a disease; Ignorance has blinded the eyes of many people especially Nigerians and made them too daft to reason.

A philosopher by name Plato said
"No One Is More Hated Than He Who Speaks The Truth" That implies that truth is a bitter pill.

Nigerians want an honest person as a leader, yet they are not truthful to themselves forgetting that charity begins at home.

Late Buhari (Left) & the Imposter Jubril (Right) clone Buhari .

The problem of Nigerians is no more Bad leadership, Corruption, Intimidation, Kidnapping, Tribal Discrimination, Bad Roads, No Electricity, Unemployment, No good water supply, Insecurity that resulted to Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram.
Their main problem is now Nnamdi Kanu, the faithful servant of IPOB;
A man who abandons his achieved dream for the freedom of his people.
A man whose weapon is a microphone which He uses to speak the truth courageously.
A man whom without guns and bullet brought the zoo called Nigeria to their knees.

A man whom within the space of 3 years opened the eyes of over 70million people through his historic teaching.
A man who taught and inspired his people how to work with their history today to perfect their tomorrow.

This man is Nnamdi Kanu, He foresaw and unveiled the bitter hidden truth which is currently causing confusion and controversy in the zoo called Nigeria and the British government to their master.

One of the truth He unveiled and with which is causing confusion between the cabals in Nigeria is  "Real Buhari and the Cloned Buhari by name Jubril a Sudanese parading as real Buhari"

Buhari a northerner was elected president of Nigeria in 2015; But his health condition was very bad, most often, He goes to London for a medical checkup.
One of his health challenges was Damaged Brain cells which require a surgery.

Buhari went for brain surgery on January 2017, the probability of him surviving from the surgery was 80% dead and 20% live; That means He was a walking corpse.

The story was that He didn't quite make it and was brain dead; That means He has no brain again.

(A brain~dead/brainless human is already dead because the brain controls human/body activities).
Aisha his wife came back crying in April, and she was barred by Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari from seeing Buhari. (That implies that the London surgeon was busy cloning Jubril, a Sudanese to replace the real Buhari).

In June and July, Buhari started receiving visitors in London. (The Cloning/Surgeon was done, Jubril emerge as Buhari)
The story was that He(Jubril ) was always laughing to hide what he didn't know because he was still learning the robes.

Jubril (Cloned Buhari) arrived Nigeria in July, He was not holding meetings nor seen in public; He became more vicious.

Ango Abdullahi had earlier alleged that He was not Buhari,  Fani Kayode had a private interview alleging it was a fake Buhari.
AIT was threatened with calamity should the interview be aired, But the interview was docked and AIT was paid.

And then Nnamdi Kanu exposed their planned and executed evil stating clearly that Buhari died on January 27 2107, in London hospital, and a Sudanese by name Jubril was cloned and imported to Nigeria to parade as real Buhari.

Then, the northern cabals in collaboration with eastern leaders sent an army to attack and kidnap and probably kill Nnamdi Kanu, using operation Python Dance as a cover-up, the cabals want the story dead by all means.

The attack was executed, but Nnamdi Kanu escaped the assassination and vowed to unmask Jubril with proven evidence to the whole world by November.

The attack on Nnamdi Kanu backfired.
The world powers commenced asking questions, London surgeons were questioned, America, Uk & France smelled blood and seek engagement; Donald Trump after meeting with Him called him A Lifeless leader, and vowed never to meet with him again.

That demon parading as British Prime Minister visited Nigeria immediately to avoid being exposed because They(British government ) were the master planners of this evil;

Their plan went successful, but because the gods are wiser, there's still a difference between Buhari and Jubril parading as Buhari.

I Mathias observed that
1) Jubril seems 15yrs younger than Buhari. (Before Buhari went for the brain surgery, he was looking very old and tarter red, but He came back fresh and younger.
Who is fooling who? )

2) He is somehow shorter than Buhari.
3) He gave a different ear lobe (Real Buhari have a congenital earmark, but this Buhari(Jubril ) doesn't)

4) He has a hairline a distance away from the ears(No one undergoing chemotherapy will have facial hair intact at the time.

5) He is darker brown, and He sees without glasses.

6) The new Buhari has a different nose, beaked like an Arab's.

Note; Remember the alleged rat that invaded the president's office that made him stay away from the office for a couple of days was a fat lie.

The core reason was that The fingerprint of the new Buhari cannot/couldn't open the office door of the real Buhari, and therefore, He has to stay away from the office until something was done.

Brethren, Nigeria is a country where anything can happen because anyway is a way.

The core reason why the northerners with help of the British planned and executed this evil is that of the northern "Born to Rule" ideology.

Buhari went for brain surgery in January 2017, and he couldn't make it; The northerners knowing fully well the consequence and disadvantage of Buhari's death will kill their Born to rule ideology, because Osibanjo(VP) who was the acting president will replace Buhari as the president with immediate effect, and with that, power will go out of the north to the west(Yoruba); They then gave Osibanjo terms and condition which will make them allow him to become president, but He couldn't meet the conditions given to him.
In other to retain power in the north, the northerners concluded that Buhari whether dead or alive must finish his tenure and hand over to another northerner.

They then imported a Sudanese by name Jubril, clone him in London, and sent him to Nigeria to continue from where Buhari stopped.

Its now becoming obvious that the man is also rock is not Buhari; To cover up, and to kill the story so they can send the man back to his home base in Sudan, they now know Buhari doesn't have a certificate and therefore cannot recontest; When in actual, they have almost fulfilled their task and are ready to hand over to another northerner by name Atiku so they can continue their Hausa Fulani Agenda.
Indeed, Nnamdi Kanu has been vindicated.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu writers.
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