Biafra: Biafrans Are Killed On Daily Basis By Nigeria Security Agents

■ Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 13, Nov. 2018

Nigeria security apparatus is a bunch of marijuana and lunatic in security uniforms, this nothing for good bloodsuckers are only good in harassing innocent civilians, it's with this act that is placing United Nations, international criminal court"ICC", Amnesty international "AI" and other human Rights organizations around the globe that this dud are terrorists, this Hausa_Fulani asshole happy trigger security apparatus perambulating our land are causing havoc to us, this person have been armed with all manner of sophisticated weapons to invade our territories and shot at sight any Biafran youth who dares to question them for excessive manhandling of their people, it's on record that this dude has gone far as to recruiting Fulani's herdsmen and Boko harm militia into various security department in other to lay siege in our territories so as to nourish the flesh of our youths.

Bones of Biafrans killed by Nigeria securities.

Nigeria government through her murderous  security apparatus has over the past few years's considered Biafra territories to be a battlefield, were Lieutenants will be given subordinate command and specific order's to Launch operation Python dance and operation crocodile smiles, while as in the north were Boko harm and killer herdsmen are terrorising and slaughtering indigenous people there is nothing like such subordinate command's to attack this terrorist, they are running away from this terrorists, it's a clear indication that this dud parading themselves in military uniforms are only good in terrorising unarmed and defenceless Biafrans,  we have become an endangered species in our territories, that every security personnel wag their hand on their Ak47 rifle on sighting any of our youth.

Nigeria security apparatus has over the year's revolted indiscriminately against innocent unarmed Biafrans ,it's with this horrible act that the United Nations, Amnesty International and international criminal court must do the needful, this terrorists in uniforms have circled every nooks and cranny of Biafra land to molested, intimidate and dehumanized us, our youths have been massacred and brutalized while our mother's and fathers have been driven out from their home's by the crushing boots of an impatient terrorist Nigerian Army.

United Nations and other human rights organisations around the globe should take note that the pervasive violence in Biafra land today, is underlined and highlighted by Terrorist Nigeria security agent's in uniforms, uniforms belonging to the armed forces, mobile force and police which are with several variations of uniforms, SARS, DSS even the merchant marine, the list is interminable, this uniforms are abound and Biafrans are permanently intimidated by this proliferation of uniforms, some of this uniforms we might recognise and respect while some of them we might not but dares not disrespect.

Everywhere in Biafra land, we are been assaulted with grave violence from Nigerian security personnel's, in our home where we are obliged to erect and inhabit as our own prison, in our places of work which we have turned into a  fortress and in the streets where fears borders on schizophrenia.

We have watched helplessly the degradation of our communities,our blood has been spoiled by Nigeria marijuana soldiers, under the watchful eyes of the United Nations,International criminal court"ICC" Nigerian government and her murderous army has violated international law and committed the highest crime against humanities, yet the perpetrator's of those crimes has not been brought to book by the United Nations nor "ICC", United Nations and " ICC" has chosen to celebrate this perpetrator as folk's heroes, this shows how incompetent and useless these organizations have been to the common man on the street.

Every highway in Biafra land have been filled with multiple Roadblocks  where this criminals in uniform now extort money from motorists, in other word's subjecting the road users to all Manner of military punishment if you dare question them,Enough is enough, the world leader's and human rights organizations must rise and defend the oppressed ,the injustice meted on us by Nigerian security agents is becoming unbearable and in due time we shall resist any of their intimidation and chase them out from our territories, either in peace or in pieces they must choose one.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu writers.
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