The 1967 Cataclysm Against Biafra Never End While Fulani's Continues To Use The Gullies And Divided Ones As Willing Tools

■ Author: Victor Njoku
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 30, Oct 2018

What defines you is your history. If you can not trace your history or ancestral heritage you're as good as nothing. Just like the original Hausas who were conquered by the Fulanis, today they cannot trace their origin. There is no doubt that Hausas are been used as willing tools and slaves by the barbaric Fulanis.

They will all fight unanimously against Biafra but will also be denied the opportunity to rule by their Fulani masters. It's obvious and without skepticism, that every Fulani man was firmly in support of the riddance of Sani Abacha because he was not a Fulani man so they can not afford to watch their slave (Hausa) rule over them the (Fulani).

Now coming down to Biafra land, the genocidal war unleashed on Biafrans by the conundrum and lunatic asylum ( Nigeria) and the imperialistic government of Britain has caused too much disunity among Biafrans. The war lasted for three (3) years as they will always say but to me, that cataclysm never ends, it's is still ongoing since that 1967 till date.

Fulani Herdsmen with AK47

Reason being that after the war, our people where deprived and subjugated example is the 20pounds maximum withdrawal for every Biafran man who has his money kept in the bank then of course orchestrated and championed by the quisling Obafemi Awolowo who was granted pardon and released from prison by Ojukwu.  And I will ask a question, what happened to the rest of the money?. The so-called (3R) reconstruction, rehabilitation, and reconciliation promised by the war criminal his self Yakubu Gowan remains mendacious factitious and sophism as none was implemented rather they used the opportunity to siphon and loot the country's treasury.

Not only that, after the independence and before the genocidal war, every top security position in Nigeria was being headed by a Biafran either from upland or coastal area of Biafra land ranging from aguiyi Ironsi who was the first and the only decorated battlefield general in the whole of Africa he was also the one who led Nigerians to Congo war where they distinguished themselves and many more other Biafran soldiers. But immediately after the war, Biafra where denied recruitment in the military.
This continuous injustice has to lead to the denial of Biafra by some sub-ethnic groups in Biafra land more especially those who are Igbos of the Coastal region of Biafra.
The Igbouzo people in Anioma delta state Biafra land, who arguably migrated from Anambra to Anioma have blatantly and blazingly denied and changed the name Igbouzo to Ibusa in order for them to gain favor from the oppressors and the ruling class  Fulani. But denying your identity will it bring an end to your problem? The answer is no because when the pugnacious and reprehensible Fulanis want to unleash their mayhem, everybody from the southern part of the country is their target and their victim.
The earlier you rise up and stand firmly against this evil act perpetrated by Fulanis, the better for you all. Come together, unite and rebuke the Fulanis so that this war of total extermination may end.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum, Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka For Umuchiukwu writers.

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