As one of the policy mechanisms, the tool of “downplaying” remains unpopular but strong tactics that could weigh down an idea.  It is a soft tool that does dangerously, what hard mechanism couldn’t achieve. Within intelligent circles, the most dogged fighter could be forced into stalemate through the downplaying of his efforts.  It is an ideological tool that has used to clear many from their mainstream and strategic positioning into background, thereby forcing them to go decommissioned. In most simplified explanation, “downplaying “simply means “not minding one’s presence”, neglecting one’s activities and presence.

This idea was ones suggested to Buhari to use against Nnamdi Kanu prior to his long arrest and incarceration by Obasanjo (though not verify by me), but as circumstances could have it, Buhari felt Nnamdi Kanu is too dangerous to be handled with the tool of “downplaying”. Mind you, the choice of opposite tool by Buhari might be birthed out of “sound national security result”. Whichever way, time and present realities have proven that the strategy choice over Biafra and Nnamdi is ragtag, weakly and comatose. Today, the entire nation is conscious of the fact that a de facto government exists in Eastern Nigeria.  This consciousness is deeply reflective in the behaviours of the government of the day that one could see it in her relationship with the region.

IPOB has vastly built a wide range institution and fronts that no one would think to use the downplaying mechanism on her.  No, she has gone across that realm! One might wonder the reason why IPOB has gone above such realm?  The answer is not farfetched! Thinking of shutting down IPOB mouth can only be achieved in two ways vis a vis shutting down social media platforms and killing the indigenous people of Biafra.  Such movement with the highest social media footprints can’t be downplayed by mere instructing Nigeria gutter newspapers to avoid carrying Biafra news.  No!  Statistical figures have shown that 80% of today news are sort via internet and social media.  People don’t have time flipping pages of pages of hard copies newspapers.  In their comfort zones via their gadgets, we brought to them, “the Biafran news”. While the Nigeria dailies are limited in circulation, ours are unlimited as we talk to billions of the global communities of our plights.

Sometimes it is laughable and unproductive for the Nigerian government to contract e-rats to counter Biafrans on social media. Such move is limited as they work based on the monetary inducements while ours for Biafra is passion and patriotic based.  We buy our internet data for our freedom course, and they are bought data for their oppression course.  We don’t believe in downtooling as we own our essence to the motherland Biafra, but if you delay the e-rats’ incentives, you have them offline until ‘Maga’ pays! While they few recruited hungry guys, we are volunteers whose numbers are countless.  While their location is definite, ours is indefinite as we could be found in anywhere life exists, twitting. While the FG recruited e-rats are Anglo-lingual, we are multilingual writers who can communicate with any language spoken on the surface of the earth. So, we are far ahead of the imaginations of our oppressors.

If anyone is serious to suppress us on our edge, the fastest and easiest way is by closing down Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and create Hausa/Fulani versions of them.  If the useless “hate speech law”, “python dance operation”, “terrorism tag” couldn’t depraved us, what else could?  Absolutely nothing. It is laughable to hear the contraption president while delivering the October 1st addressing lamenting and weeping over our grips on social media.  So, it is a great concern that they could make it as a huge part of the day address?  Good one from us!  To me, whatever that pains Nigeria gives me joy as I do know that whatever that pains Biafrans gives the animal farm joy.  We must do more as a people to sustain this winning. We can’t afford to relinquish these strategic footprints to the enemies.  They know how badly our media campaign has devastated them. Their evils are no longer hidden, we don’t only report their present atrocious acts, we exhume their past evils courtesy of our investigative journalists.

Nnamdi Kanu has set the pace and consolidated it.  Even though he is held captive by the enemies, they have understood that whether Nnamdi Kanu or not present, IPOB was built to “keep on keeping on” as he warned us. Today, we are making headway in all fronts towards the restoration of Biafra and no one could say we are inconsequential or will be downplayed. Until Biafra comes, we sworn an oath to do everything within our reach to secure our freedom from barbaric and cannibals’ elements. Even though one man is left standing, we will never capitulate!  We are not na├»ve of the fact the fight is tasking and demanding, but all we care and mind is that a day in restored Biafra will heal the pains!

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

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