Ants, especially the “soldier ants” are known for their resolve to bring down, whatever they want to bring down. They might be disadvantageously cheated by nature by body size, but their resolve and united fronts put their enemies into extinction wherever they faced any of their enemies.  There is no animal on earth that could beat down wars of these soldier ants.

 They are committed to hold strong, any of their prey and enemy until their victory is announced.  When attacking, they attacked from different fronts with tenacious adherence to the core objective of “mission accomplishment”. No wonder their respects is not gotten by their body sizes rather by their unity, committedness and focus. Man gets cautious viewing soldier ant round than he gets cautious having elephant around despite obvious great variations on body sizes between the two. 

When it comes to mission executions, elephant will always create appearance attention first than soldier ant.  But when it comes to core objective achievement, soldier ants are known for that.  Those who mock and underrated soldier ants’ funny sizes, end up being humiliated by their well-coordinated operational management. In all of elephant’s jumbo body size, she is easily brought to her knees by soldier ants when the later launches an attack.  In this case, big body with small coordination is just useless while small body with good coordination is the greatest.

Coming to today’s realities, Nigeria was previously allocated the title “giant of Africa”. Like the worthless elephant, she was feared by many around her.  Many believed earlier before now that Nigeria can’t be crippled by anybody how much more “miscreants” from the east.  What is the case today, dead and buried!  Nigeria worth nothing today.  No one could stake for her unity any longer than few ‘polithievecians’ she produces.  Even the length they could stake is really limited as seen on their Oct 1st choice to hold their various parties’ primaries than celebrating the expired contraption.  As a failed state, the politicians are busy carving out their estates to control as war lords against what is to come. Today, our soldier ant strategies have grounded the animal farm terribly to a point that world leaders hardly pass a night in the animal farm anytime they visited.

That is wonderful thing from Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. Teaching us to fight the zoo from spiritual, economical, political and media fronts with core mission of getting Biafra restored is worth celebrating.  The problem facing the zoo Government today is that they don’t know which front to destroy IPOB, as we are fighting in different fronts but with symbiotic and vicious cycle vision.  We must strengthen this fighting approach. It should be operation sabotage, hunt and demarket the animal farm wherever you found yourself.  Talk of Biafra wherever you are as your little voice loan to our freedom can do greatly for this great project.  The economy is hitted, her reputation internationally grounded and internally we have hitting her badly that no one has faith in her again.  Even Christ Embassy Church could not organize Nigeria independent ceremony rallies this year as they used to.  Maybe they feared they might be lynched by the people this time around.

Those who criticized IPOB and her soldier ants’ approach are presently receiving the results of what they condemned yesterday. Yes, it is sectorial and gradual, yet its results are enormous. Surprisingly those apostles of elephant approach have not done anything despite the wide road mapping drawings on their tables.  What would have hindered the road map drew with according them, best “intellectuals” from being executed?  Is the weather too poor to get the executors on the site?  Whatever be the case, IPOB should hold on to her winning strategies and review when needed those ones that are obsolete for better hitting of the zoo.  If the JEWS in diaspora before 1948 could achieve that in unison, we the indigenous population scattered all over the world can do it better.

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

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