How Northern Cabal Forced Osibanjo Into Accepting Jubril From Sudan As His Boss

■Author: Chukwudi Prince
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 30, Oct 2018

Putting the records straight, we all have to recall the moves of General muhammadu Buhari before he left for his brain surgery on 18th January 2017. Buhari tried all possible moves to hand over power to the army general, General tukur Burutai on that same January 2017 while he was yet planning his medical trip to London.

The idea of making Burutai the head of state rose an uncontrollable dust between the Yoruba chieftains and the Northern cabal. The Yorubas threatened to work against the northerners if eventually, they wish to humiliate the Yorubas whom they were supposed to hand over power to whenever Buhari is not around.

Late Mohammadu Buhari

This threat made the northern cabal to sideline that idea of handing over power to General Burutai. Notwithstanding, they now allowed Osibanjo to work as the acting president.

When it now occurred that the Nigerian president was unable to survive from the surgery at London, it was now made clear to the Yorubas that they may be taking over the presidential seat since Buhari is no more alive.

Osinbanjo who was then the vice president started fighting tooth and nail to make sure he then takes over from his late Boss since he is no more alive. But recall that the northern cabals never allowed him to succeed on that.

After series of strives and efforts made by osinbanjo, the north came up with about five condition for which osinbanjo needs to uphold to before they could allow him to take over from the late president.

The conditions include:
1) He would allow the northerners to take charge of all the security forces in Nigeria.

2) He would introduce Islamic studies in all the primary and secondary schools across the country.

3) He will not allow anybody from the north to be probed for corruption.
4) He will remove Christian religious studies from the school curriculums.
5) He would make sure that northerners are employed more in the government than any other region across the country.

Osinbanjo having observed the conditions and understanding full well how stringent those conditions could be to him, then decided to quit his efforts and strives to take over from his late Boss.

After the backing down of vice president Yemi Osinbanjo, the northern cabals then told him to endure and allow them to finish their tenor even though the president was now late. they further stressed that they would not wish to allow what happened during the time of Musa Yaradua to repeat itself again and that they would do anything possible to make sure they retain the seat till their tenor is over.

Finally, they promised to hand over power to the Yorubas if they agree to their plans and help make them execute it effectively. Osinbanjo then agreed and the plan of importing a tool that would be acting as the late president Muhammad Buhari was then fully executed
This was how they subjected Osinbanjo to agreeing with the importation of the Sudanese man called Jubril to come and be running the affairs of the contraption called Nigeria.

Edited by Aguocha Chinwendum, Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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