International politics is not regulated by sentiments, neither is it propelled by “morality”. The word “morality” though in religion context can be absolute, in global politics, it is relative.  No wonder people who waited for intervention based on “morality” only got huge records of genocides handed over to them by the world.  A typical and recent case is the Rwanda genocide. Canadian Government in her efforts to import morality in international politics initiated the concept of “responsibility to protect” which is by principles, being watered down by super arguments on the concept of “sovereignty and territorial integrity of nation states”. World politics is rule by high “statecraft” parties are able to play. 

Every state and non-state actors of international politics is left with three tools to apply in projecting, defending and trading her interest. These tripod tools are Hard power, soft power or the application of the duo. The hard power could be said to be the application of military power or what some scholars called “gun boat diplomacy”. Any other thing that falls off of this is the soft power. Stupidly, most African leaders believe application of naked power or hard power is always result oriented.  It doesn’t work that way often. For instance, Saudi Arabia within the gulf region possesses the highest military arsenal (hard power) but Qatar soft power (Al Jazeera) got Saudi Arabia seriously sleepless. Sometimes coordinated soft power approaches could destabilize an arrogant possessor of hard power.  Even IPOB soft power (media grip) made mockery, Nigeria arrogant military possession.

Nigeria in her efforts to get more applications of hard power on IPOB has gone shipwrecked diplomatically.  I chose to write on this due to the fact that the country (Biafra) we are restoring will have her citizenry carried along in all her international engagements. Not Nigeria none of her citizen knows who and what she is dealing with internationally. The president travelling and signing papers without intimating her citizens. Useless animals farm! 

Buhari-led Nigeria government today, has shot herself on the foot in attempt to hurt Biafrans.  Earlier before now, Nigeria was in the good book of Israel, Saudi Arabia, US, EU and others.  Buhari’s desperation to crush Biafrans got her blowing up these relationships built by Good luck Ebele Jonathan.  For instance, Good luck Ebele Jonathan was enjoying smooth relationship with the state of Israel that intelligent sharing was there. “Gulma Drone” was assisted by Israeli experts to Nigeria in 2014. There was Bilateral Airspace Agreement (BASA) signed with Israel in 2014 which Israeli Government after Buhari’s emergence could not activate the agreement due to Buhari’s obvious campaign against Israel over Palestine.

In 2016 first Buhari’s visit to UN submit, he called for international conspiracy against Israel. In energy summit in Doha in 2016, he took his battle against Israel by calling for the Arabs to rise against Israel.  2017 and 2018 UN submit, he blew up times allotted to him attacking Israel over Palestine. Buhari’s foolishness was seen by gulf states especially Saudi Arabia as move by a drunk. Saudi Arabia knows what Israel means to her survival. She understands that her security which Israel is protecting her against Iran is more important than Palestinians affairs or the ranting of Buhari who doesn’t understands anything.  All efforts by Buhari to drag Saudi Arabia against Israel failed as to Saud family, it is better to keep Israel assured security than useless tangling against Israel that protects her.

When Buhari saw he couldn’t sail through in pressuring Saudi Arabia, he turned over to clear enemies of Israel (Pakistan, Iran and Turkey) for help.  On Oct 2017, Buhari travelled to Turkey where he deeply discussed with Iran and Turkey against Biafrans and Israel. Prior before this Turkey visit, on 26th July 2016, about 70 Iranians were in Nigeria on cover up with business while their main aim was on military pact with Nigeria. Buhari invited them to punish Saudi Arabia for choosing Israel over his jihad call against Israel and Biafrans, having seen Iranian support to Syrian Government and Lebanon Hezbollah. Saudi is really not happy with Buhari which could be seen in Saudi Arabia/Nigeria Hajj dichotomy. To add salt to wound, Buhari while speaking on last month UN submits, told the world that Nigeria supports Iran-Turkey and Russia peace plan in Syria. A big insult to US and Saudi Arabia. Do you think Saudi Arabia would allow Nigeria international drunkenness go unpunished?  Or you think US and Israel are too stupid to allow Nigeria go unpunished. No!

Iran is presently in arm supply to Nigeria via Pakistan. America and Israel are not na├»ve of this contra ongoing. To US, Pakistan must be punished for her actions which could be seen in Trump terrible sanctions on Pakistan which has weakened her greatly.  For Israel, there is a red line to Buhari, Iran and Pakistan madness.  If there is obvious evidence of attempts by Iran through Pakistan to build a footprint in Nigeria against Israel's interest, Israel will bomb places of her choice in Nigeria without anyone moving an inch. Israeli intelligent (MOSSAD) eyes are not off this Iranian move in Nigeria.  It is not acceptable for Israel to watch Iran and Pakistan making Nigeria a hotbed for terrorism against the Nigerian Jews. Jerusalem understands that, and that is why she is strongly registering her feat in Togo despite Nigeria’s oppositions. 

US on her own is watching closely Buhari’s efforts to turn the sub region an Islamic hotbed. That US will not tolerate! US is making sure Nigeria is quarantined militarily ahead of time.  In Chad, Niger, Cameron, and presently in Ghana, she has built a strong military asset and personal for what is to come. To Buhari, what is most important to him is to implement the 1996 Abuja declaration.  That is ISLAMISATION of Nigeria.  Ghana, Togo and Benin are worried that turning Nigeria into an Islamic State like Iran, Pakistan and Turkey will be a threat to their internal security due to close geo-political proximity. For that, they welcomed with an open heart and hand, any US and Israel attempts to stop this Buhari and his Fulani brothers’ madness.  Ghana rejected all lobby and threats by Buhari led government to deny US the land she sorts for her military presence in Ghana.  In Togo, after refusal by Togo Government to dispel Israel’s presence as was advised by Buhari, Nigeria government brought huge amount of money and sponsored the Togo long protest that went violent.  Thank God her plan never worked!

UK is really concern with the whole development.  She is facing a lot that she doesn’t want to engage deeply into another trouble with US. With Trump’s protectionism, it is obvious Trump will punish her alongside with Nigeria if she deeply gets involved. Britain feels that for US to create United Accord without including her, it means danger for her and Nigeria. UK doesn’t want further escalation with US as how Trump handled Canada and Mexico in the defunct NAFTA is a clear message to nations across the Pacific that present US government is not ready to tolerate any rubbish from anyone. Britain has trouble in her trade relation with EU and needs a trade relation with US.  For UK, allowing herself trapped in Nigeria affairs with US and Israel could affect her dream trade relationship with US.  For that reason, Britain is reviewing her position in Nigeria.  Theresa May while speaking to British investors in UN, advised them to invest in Rwanda and Ghana. No mention of Nigeria!  Yes, Abuja will not tell you why… May be UK is giving up to Nigeria future. Time will tell.

Today, we heard a breaking news of Pakistanis Army signing military pact with Nigeria.  For me, this is a joke taken too far.  Buhari is obviously making friends with enemies of US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel (China, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan). His actions are punishable as far as international politics are concern. How Nigeria will be punished is what I don’t know, but I do know two options are left for those who wants to punish Nigeria to apply. (1) The option of making sure he is removed by supporting his opponent which tentatively he will reject the election results as would be advised by his Fulani kinsmen thereby plunging the country into unrest that will see the end of Nigeria. (2) Making a clear support to the rights of the Indigenous people of Biafra over their freedom which is more less conflicted channel.

Whatever is the choice of punishment, what is most important here is that Buhari out of desperation to hurt Biafrans, has diplomatically hurted Nigeria deeply. I am optimistic this battle will consume both him and Nigeria.

Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

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