War, it is said to be an expression of failed diplomacy. When round table discussions fail to reach to compromise, unarguably it takes the parties to the trenches. Sometimes, there are “just war” that a people cannot avoid. Wars geared towards regaining one’s freedom or wars fought to repel extermination are all pious ones.  The Arab/Israeli wars of 1949, 1956,1967, the Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967-1970 are all wars aimed at repelling attempt to annihilating a nation. Whatever be the outcome, those fighting on defence will never be apologetic to anyone whether lose or won. No wonder till his demise, Ojukwu never sound apologetic to anyone over the incident of 1960s. Nor Israel being remorseful to wars she fought for survival. Anyone sounding apologetic to anyone on behalf of Biafran people is a FOOL!

I don’t advocate for bellicosity in quest for Biafran restoration, in same vein, will not be that stupid to overrule war as possible means to restore Biafra.  My keeping of war on the table is that fact that Nigeria Government is too barbaric to understand peace.  She is easily brought to compromise when there is military insurrection as facts and events of past have proven. But if Nigeria chooses to extremely provoked us as they did to our fathers, how healthy is Nigeria today to win another war?  I am making a review on this as I strongly believe that a man dealing with an animal should be cautious as animals are different from humans. In sincerity, I will try to be objective in analyzing this sensitive discourses as I do know that any subjective evaluation could take Biafrans into disastrous illusions that will take us to unreal paradise. So, let us discuss war now!  Come along!!

In 1960s, apart from the armies, there were volunteers especially from the present Christian middle Belt states who gladly join the war on the side of Nigeria to fight Biafrans.  They fought to keep together, a country they think will better their lives.  Many of these volunteers despite not paid, we’re glad to fight for Nigeria unity.  As God may have it, they succeeded to keeping together, an entity that is relying on their children bloods today for survival.

On the side of Biafra, the moral was high. People were eager to defend their motherland as was seen in the slogan “Ojukwu ye anyi egbe” (Ojukwu give us gun). The volunteers in their resolute spirit were able to hold Nigeria and the world for three years non-stopped war.  Not just men, the women also volunteered as battlefield warriors. Children volunteered as spies and intelligent officers. Graduates, artisans, professionals put in their know-how for prosecution of the war.  Regrettably, Biafra could not sustain the sovereignty so long.

On the side of Nigeria, the conventional military is highly demoralized that none is happy dying for Nigeria. 70% of the military officers currently serving in Nigeria army are there due to there is no other way to survive outside the army. No wonder they would prefer running into Cameron and Chad than to face the Boko Haram fighters.  They are badly demoralized that they are in the army to feed their family members and not for national defence. Also troubling within the Nigeria army is deeply division among them on ethnic, religion and political lines.  There are officers who maintain religious, ethnic and party cleavages than national submission.

What of the common citizens?  How would you expect a northern Christian to fight for Fulani Islamists entity called Nigeria?  The likes of Theophilus Danjuma of Taraba State wouldn’t imagine fighting for one united Nigeria again or the likes of Gowon people in middle belt commit their lives for “one Nigeria”. They would wish to use the crises period to avenge for the lives of their people from the hand of the Fulanis.

On the part of the Yoruba people, Oduduwa will be quickly activated immediately war breaks out.  They would wish to go and sustain their region with Lagos, Ogun, Ondo oils and the access to sea advantage which Lagos has provided for them. With Fulani cruelty recorded in Ondo, Ekiti, Ogun and rest of Yoruba land, they will retreat to Oduduwa.

On the part of Biafrans, before the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu, anyone expecting bold repelling and defending of Biafraland by Biafrans is kidding.  Before Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra campaign was too limited to Ndigbo states. No one talks of Biafra in non-Igbo areas as we are seeing today.  Even those in Igboland like me before Nnamdi Kanu emergence were cowards who dare not challenges a Hausa/Fulani, how much more taking a fight if need arises.  In Biafraland today, the moral is high!  Biafrans wish an order could be given to that effect.  Even the politicians within us know they are staying in midst of angry people who are just waiting for order.  The zoo should thank Nnamdi Kanu for holding back these millions of people home and abroad.

In Riverline areas of Biafraland, the years of exploitations and brutalities from Nigeria have made them furious to Nigeria and they wish the contraption could end today.  The Adaka Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa and many Niger Delta youths’ activists who were killed is a fresh wound in their hearts. It will be difficult to have them staked to one Nigeria as some of their parents made the mistake.

On international arena, USSR, BRITAIN, EGYPT AND NEUTRAL USA are no longer on same pace with Nigeria today. USSR is no longer there and her successor (Russia) might not be too committed to invest in one Nigeria as the country seem useless for her interest now.  For Britain, she is economically unstable to get herself trapped in any way that EU and US might not support her. Egypt on her own enjoys smooth relation with Israel and Al-Sisi of Egypt understands Israel’s role in paving way for him to emerge as the Egyptian President. So, supporting Nigeria is standing in same page with a nation that hates Israel and US.  Too risky to stake!

US on her own, will not want to maintain neutrality as she is presently pressuring Nigeria to dialogue with IPOB which strong position of IPOB is scaring Nigeria away from the discussion table.  Nigeria feels with documents at IPOB disposal, she is losing Biafra without gaining anything. For that reason, allowing Biafrans go through war can lead to conceiving of some gains on their part as advised to them by Sudan.

BRITAIN- She can stand strongly on the side of Nigeria if Biafrans fail to engage her diplomatically which I think is on course presently. Britain understands that with documents at IPOB disposal, it will too difficult for her to win international supports against Biafrans.

CHINA- China might get her self-committed in arm selling but not getting her personals footprints on the battlefield.  But if pleasured will hands off to negotiate with Biafrans as she understands what to lose from Biafrans after the crises.

IRAN, PAKISTAN AND TURKEY – These fellows will come in for supports to the animal farm on religion sympathy ground.  The good part of it is that if this happened this dispensation, it would force US and Israel to get themselves fully involved militarily coupled with Biafrans high moral to defend our motherland.


Written by:
Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

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