■Author:  Utiung Mathias 
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■ 02, Oct 2018
Anambra, Abia, and Imo are currently oil-producing states in the zoo called Nigeria, with huge natural gas reserves, not forgetting the enormous untapped coal deposit in Enugu. The myth that AlaIgbo is landlocked is the handwork of Ohanaeze and Igbo politicians following the instruction of Fulani slave masters to render Igbos inefficient and limited.
Now let's get down to business In 1939, some Anioma communities in present day Delta and Edo state were carved out of the core Igbo heartland Despite protest from Anioma Kings. Part of Ezza community of present Ebonyi State was carved into Benue state. In 1976, Oil rich Obigbo LGA in Aba division of old Imo State was ceded to Rivers State; Obigbo is pure Ndoki clan and has over 50 oil wells. They are pure Igbo people separated from their Azumili kins by the IMO River. Ohugbu, an oil-rich Ndoki community was ceded to Akwa Ibom State; Ohugbu is one of the highest onshore oil and gas producing community. Egbema, a core Igbo community was balkanized into three towns with the highest oil producing town, was ceded to River state from old Imo State. Today, we have the same Egbema people in Delta, Rivers, and Imo; All answering Igbo names and speaking the same Igbo language; But some are South-South, whereas others are in the south East. Ndoni was carved out of Ahoda, into River state; Ndoni and Ogbaru are same people. Ogbaru is in Anambra with some of their kinsmen in Delta state.
However, Ala~Igbo was restricted to five landlocked states, when in actual, Igbo land started from Igbankwe in Edo state and ends in the Atlantic Ocean; there's nobody from Opobo River state that doesn't speak the Igbo language. Ohana in collaboration with Fulani caliphate destroyed the cultural affinity between Ndigbo, Ibibio, and Anang people of Akwa Ibom state who are blood relatives of Igbo people. Ekpe and Okonkwo are actually Efik and Anang cultures;
But today, Cross River and Akwa Ibom is part of the lugubriously named South-South with Edo state inclusive. There is no cultural linguistic or social connection between Efiks and Benin People, But we are deceived into believing that they are one people different from the Igbos. Igbos are suffering because they don't have a country of their own. Their nation (Biafra) was taken away from them by the British and was merge together with Odudua and Arewa landlocked nation to forge a Zoo presently known as Nigeria; Using the surplus in the Eastern region to offset the deficit in the North.
Owing to the amalgamation, the Igbos have been subjected to marginalization, pogrom from the north against the East, Tribal gang up and much more. The northerners further to planted a seed of disunity among them, by creating South-South out of the Eastern region and call it Niger Delta. Nowhere, with the exception of all these, the Igbos are treated as a second-class citizen in their imposed country; Ohanaze, South East governors and other born slaves collaborated with the north to destroy their own people (Biafrans) Now that Nnamdi Kanu has opened our eyes, Are we going to fold our hands and watch?

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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