The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) women Wings reveals how they were maltreated horribly by the men in uniform who arrested them on the 17th August 2018 in Owerri Province of Biafra, for demanding for the whereabouts of their son Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and calling for BIAFRA Referendum. It was a terrible experience in the dirty dungeon of the Nigerian prison. Our women were molested, beaten like criminals etc. What a horrible experience in the hands of Boko Haram in uniform.

Rivers State Media (RSM) made it a duty to visit the victims to get the first-hand information on what really transpired at Owerri on the 17th August 2018 IPOB Women wings protest. Due to some of them still undergoing medical treatment in different states where they came from for the protest in Owerri. RSM interviewed some of the 39 women arrested from Igweocha province of Biafra which six is still undergoing treatment, though they are out of hospital. Unfortunately, one of the women from Igweocha that was shot on the head is more severe. But one thing that I observed from these women is that they are even stronger in spirit and ready to bring down this evil foundation of Nigeria down.

Catherine Onwuzulike narrate how the Nigeria security operatives molested them, humiliated them for exercising their fundamental right to freedom. IPOB Women Wings in Obigbo narrate their ordeals on what really transpired between them and the Boko Haram in Nigerian uniform. RSM interacting with one of the victims who was at her early 80's by the name Mama Virginia Akwatibe that was also locked up in the dirty dungeon. She narrated how they were terribly beaten like criminals, not even minding my age as a mother. Do you know that the Nigerian police were stepping on pregnant women? They kicked their stomach, hint them messily with their guns inside the prison.
Do you also know that many of our women had miscarriage due to the height of torture they went through in the hands of this criminals in uniform? These women with their conditions came out in mass to demand for the whereabouts of son who was abducted on the 14 September 2017, with his parent; roughly a year now. And they were molested and beaten like criminals. what a sad story.

They told us in the dirty dungeon that Biafra is dead and they have killed (invaded) our leader (home) and nothing happened, they are going to do anything they like and heaven will not fall. We have the international backing to make sure we subjugate the Igbo's (Biafrans) until the World ends. Nigeria is too Big for that small boy Kanu to destroy. She kept speaking as tears drops off her eyes. They starved us, and wickedly denied us medical treatment, many of us that were terribly ill. Those men in uniform are not humans but Boko Haram in disguise.

Our brutality and molestation have made us to totally believe that the Nigerian government and her puppets in our land don't mean well for us and our children. The only people to be beacon upon and followed wholeheartedly are the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Deputized by Mazi Uchenna Okafor Mefor. They mean good for us, they are fighting hard for our redemption.

Bia (come) son, do everything at your arsenal to make sure we all leave this dungeon called Nigeria and also make sure that IPOB do everything at their arsenal to destroy this useless Godforsaken Country Nigeria. This country called Nigeria is a crime against humanity.

However; Son! Do you also know we have aged mothers of about 75 years and above with us who were also molested, brutalized, humiliated, subjugated and detained in Owerri Prison with us, many of our women were pregnant and many were nursing mothers? Do you know they starve us the way they did during the 1967-1970 bitter civil war? My son, we couldn't eat in such dirty environment, that prison was very dirty and our health conditions became worsen on daily basis when we were still in detention. BIAFRA is indeed a spirit.

Son, Nigeria government wants to kill us all, if they could molest us in such manner, then know it we are in a serious trouble.  We must be free because everyone deserve freedom. Son, never give up because we are going to restore Biafra this time. For molesting us and exposing us to this dangerous environment. "WE HEREBY CURSE NIGERIA FOREVER" nothing good shall come of her again until we restore the Kingdom of Chukwu Okike on earth (Biafra). Son! our freedom is very close.

And lastly son, we hold Ofor na Ogu (Truth, Innocence, Justice) against the Nigeria government and her collaborators because they will never win this fight they have embarked upon. Tell the world, our tears and agony in the Nigeria Prison Custody will not be swept under the carpet. We have disowned Nigeria. BIAFRA is all we need. No going back until freedom is achieved.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo

Edited by:
Chika Austin

For: Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

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