■Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 28, Sep 2018
I will start this very article by quoting Abraham Lincoln, he said and I quote: "public sentiment is everything, with public sentiment nothing can fail, without public sentiment nothing can succeed, he who moulds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or decision possible or impossible to execute". The rate at Which average Nigerians are now burning candles day and night praying for God of Elijah to send down fire and brimstones to consume Buhari in 2019 is laughable, their stupidity got me thinking if they are normal human beings and which planet they came from, wasting your hard earned money buying candles and Oliver oil and other spiritual articles of faith in the name of praying for Buhari to die or lose 2019 election is impossible because the God of Elijah is not a murderer neither is he a politician to answer such prayers, days of doom is on the way coming if you fail to support the total disintegration of Nigeria. Since the so-called Messiah of Nigerians came into power through the back door if you observe very well you will see that majority of Nigerians are now living in abject poverty mostly his supporters.
They Will foolishly and ignorantly smile in the public but die silently and secretly thereby bringing to fulfillment a prophetic song by FELA titled " NIGERIANS NAA SUFFERING AND SMILING " their stupidity makes them pretend as if all is well with them, the unnecessary hardship brought by Messiah jubril Buhari led administration has even turned most of them to behaviour abnormal at night that they now complain to their ceiling at night but behave as if they are normal at morning.
The present government APC led by Jubril Buhari is not good for Nigerians because the last time I checked the rate of madness and crime have increased in Nigeria which is a clear evidence that if Buhari should rule Nigeria for the next four years or Nigeria should continue to exist as a country 70% of Nigerians might go insane. The time for Nigerians to stop blaming Buhari led administration and blame themselves is now so far so good Buhari remains the best president Nigeria has ever produced in their history as a country a saviour and also a Messiah at the same time rather than blaming Buhari you should blame your pastors and priests who deceived you into voting a Radical Islamic jihadist as President.
Under Jonathan, your life and businesses fared very well unlike Buhari administration where the economy is in coma, killings, and bloodbath have become the business of the day. Nigerians in 2015 needed a wind of change in the government, according to them Jonathan is not man enough to rule a country like Nigeria, the wind of change they needed was retired general Mohammed Buhari who was so desperate of power, in his bid to rule the country he bribed pastors and priests with millions of naira to campaign for him. The likes of mbaka were then speaking from both sides of their mouth against Jonathan,mbaka went as far as calling Goodluck Jonathan Badluck to Nigerians while Buhari an infidel is a Messiah he stupidly and ignorantly endorsed a hardcore Muslim jihadist against his Christian brother, in other for them to manipulate the electoral process Yoruba fraudsters gutter media houses through the help of northern oligarchy concocted all manners of lies against Jonathan and his administration, am still asking the Yoruba's how far? Stop complaining of economic meltdown because you were warned early in 2015 about this impending doom by Nnamdi Kanu that Buhari is coming to steal, kill and destroy lives but Nigerians didn't heed his warning, monkeys in the zoo Nigeria were too busy shouting change change change with their brooms, they needed change more than anything and today you are stupidly complaining of economic meltdown, don't worry after 2019 election you wouldn't even see mouth to use and complain. Jonathan treated you like a first-class citizen, you were living fine and large that you can afford even more than three square meals a day the economy was waxing stronger, in his four years in office he borrowed 6trillions from that money he built 12 new universities, increased minimum wage, built 165 almajiri schools amongst other's, but under Buharis three years 287 billion was looted, economy is in a coma,he borrowed 12 trillion from China and other countries with no capital project to show for it and monkeys clapped for him and today Nigeria is owning 22.7 trillion.
Am asking Nigerians what has he done with the money he borrowed?. Ignorantly you will complain, wisely he will win 2019 election and stupidly you will continue complaining again, the ultimate solution to Nigeria is for you to support the total disintegration of that contraption because your life and future is not secured in that enclave called Nigeria The almajiri in Army or police uniform can decide to take the life out from you anytime. It so saddens that Mbaka, pastor Bakare and other human rights advocates who spoke vehemently against Jonathan is now deaf and dumb in the face of tyranny and killings against their Christian folks. The likes of mbaka were busy in 2015 dishing out fake prophecies that Buhari is a Messiah sent by God, today am asking mallam Mbaka and his gullible followers have your Messiah saved or destroyed you? Our God is not an author of confusion that sends a Messiah to liberate his people like Mbaka claimed and the same Messiah will turn back and start killing his children.
Woe to them that say thus says the Lord When God Has not spoken Mbaka and his folks are now forcing words from the highest God. The election is within the corner again when the so-called pastors and priests will start dishing out fake prophecies again seeking a presidential candidate to give them money, their gullible followers will be asked to go and get their PVC card to vote out any candidate who did not pay very well.
Any pastor, priest, prophet or prophetess telling you to get PVC to vote out Buhari in 2019 do me a favour by spitting on his or her face they deserve even more than that. It has never happened before and it cannot happen now that ordinary paper unseats a dictator in power rather it's a revolution or total disintegration of that country anything apart from these two options are dead on arrival.
don't be so gullible in getting PVC thinking it can solve the problem it will rather add to it or better still boycott the elections. Even if Buhari should step down today the same Hausa Fulani radical Islamic jihadist will rule Nigeria, the person coming after him might even be worst besides, voting Buhari out with PVC is impossible in the sense that he has his people in all the strategic places which he will use in rigging the election come 2019.
From Dss, Army, police, INEC and even finance are all his kinsmen and friends now tell me how on earth you can unseat him with PVC? Weeping, crying and complaining will not do you any good rather it's the total disintegration of Nigeria that will wipe away your tears, say No to One Nigeria, say No to PVC, boycott the elections and support Biafra Referendum and it will be well with you.
Edited by Aguocha Chinwendum
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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