By Benjamin Ibegbulam (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Sir, TD Jakes. God has blessed you exceedingly, of course with your prayers accompanied with hard work; you're indeed a great man worth emulating. You have shown to the world that you practice what you preach, a real example of Igbo Biafran, remarkably known for their industry and self-sufficiency.

Sir Jakes, may I remind you that the Igbos or rather Biafrans are about to go extinct as a people inside Nigeria. They are killed every day en masse; the subjugation meted out to them is very much visible. Answering Igbo in Nigeria means a death sentence; the Nigerian State has declared war on men, women and children from your dear Nation Biafra. The dream of every Biafran who've tried to walk up like you did have been scorched with dangerous policies made primarily by the Northern Cabals in charge of Nigeria.

All production companies owned by Biafrans have been permanently shut down including Ibeto Cement, Golden Guinea Brewery, Nkalagu Steel and Mining Company and 10s of others and now the only car manufacturing company in Africa owned by an Igbo Biafran, Innoson Motors is under attack and on the verge of going into extinction through the acts of the Nigerian Government.

Biafrans are special people with one Heritage and Commonwealth that bounds her numerous clans together. They have nothing in common with other Nations that make up Nigeria. As an educated man, your Profession as a Pastor, Preacher, Chancellor, and an Actor amongst others has made you dig deep in the scriptures and in history; you know as much as I do that no man has the power to create a nation except God Almighty. A British Colonialist, Frederic Lugard, on 1st January 1914 amalgamated Biafrans, Arewa and Oduduwa into one Nation and called it Nigeria which means (a group of people living in a dark area).

Lugard after amalgamating Nigeria gave power to the Arewa- Muslims that practice Sharia and made them understand that they're born to rule. In one of Lugard's writing, he described the three Nations as “oil and water that do not mix'’. Having remorse for the evil he created and the desire to correct it one day, he wrote in the documents of the amalgamation that, “All Nations Amalgamated To Form Nigeria Have The Right To Go Their Separate Ways After A Period Of 100 Years”, which expired on the 1st of January 2013.

Before then there had been quests by various Biafran groups for the Sovereign Nation of Biafra, a request that was met with aggression from the Nigerian government. Currently, Biafran agitation for a separate Nation from Nigeria, anchored by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is again fought against on all fronts.  Sir TD Jakes, I would ask you to support IPOB, both verbally, in action and demonstration in her quest for freedom from slavery. A call for Biafra on a podium or in one of your broadcast would go a long way to bringing freedom for the Igbos and Biafrans at large. Your kinsmen need your help now more than ever, and they will be so grateful if you could use your position and influence to come to their aid.

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