This generation of Biafrans has taken the Nigerian government and her counterparts by surprise. Our mission is to implement the unconquerable spirit in our children to continue this gospel of the restoration of Biafra. Teaching them our ways of life. Our unique culture which showcase the true meaning of harmony, love, kindness, righteousness, wealth, and love for humanity. Our unique culture is our pride and dignity. This generation must understand that without our cultural heritage we are gone forever. Our dignity will be lost, our pride and goodness will be totally lost. So, to revive our ancient culture and tradition; we must expose our children to embrace their unique cultural heritage and to be proud of whom they are.

However, on the 2nd of September 2018, the IPOB Zone 19 Obigbo under the supreme leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu used the opportunity to organize and showcase our rich cultural heritage to the world. Everyone found at the environ of the event was dressed on their cultural attire. The men, women, youths and the children who are the major upspring of the program were well dressed in their different attires. Every region that made up the United States of Biafra (USB) was present in the program.

However, different media bodies were present to take a grip of the program. Everyone was entertained with our unique culture and the Ogene group was present to beat the drum of the spirit. Moving towards the children's cultural day main gist, our unconquerable spirit of our young children, took over the event as they declared that all they need now is the Biafra Referendum. Biafra Referendum is what we want. We don't want Nigeria to keep milking us dry anymore. We are tired of this evil forest (Nigeria). They children sang to the realm were attentions of neighbours were drawn to the program. You need to see the zealousness and unconquerable spirit of this young generation to the quest for the restoration of this beautiful Kingdom of Chukwu Okike on earth (BIAFRA).

The children's cultural day was used as a medium to build the spirit of Biafra in them. Sensitize everyone about the IPOB "GENERAL STRIKE DAY" and the upcoming Referendum soon next.  I can beat my chest to tell the Nigerian government and her European counterparts that our children have known the truth. They have known how the genocide was committed against their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters etc. They have known how the Nigerian government and her British Oligarchy has been stealing their mineral resources for about 102 years no stop and employing their brothers as pipeline guard. Paying them peanut while billions of dollars is been made on daily basis at their backyard. Our children have made it known that "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". Their freedom is inevitable and unstoppable.

It is this force which is moral that enables a total mobilization of the oppressed people to combat the oppressor. This force, the revolution within so change the oppressed people that almost overnight the signalized, lazy, cowardly, primitive people, without initiative, without stamina, at once becomes hard working, courageous, ingenious, persistent, modern. The metamorphosis is so complete, the result to unlike the original that the imperial giant finds itself fighting the unknown-an enemy it made no plans to meet.

It is the nature of this change that force the oppressed to make wrong assessments, continually to miscalculate. He stumbles from one objective to another, from one dateline to another dateline and from one final offensive to another. The war is prolonged and he has no explanation. His soldiers get disillusioned, his people bewildered. For the enemy, war becomes an exercise in futility shadow boxing of the worst type unit, finally he collapses through the sheer weight of frustration.

To us, war become a David and Goliath struggle. A struggle which David inevitably must win. The oppressed people of Biafra believe in this moral force that will inevitably humble the Nigerian giant and her bloodthirsty collaborators. In the course of this war, by a system of constant analysis and deduction, we have set out to remove the internal contradiction in our society and to purify our body polite. This becomes the bedrock upon which our nation is found.

Hence, revolution for a colonized people is not a series of acts of violence, which in themselves are often revolutionary, but an indeterminate sequence of social changes punctuated and supported by various acts of violence. The complexities, the varied aspects, the full ramifications of colonialism are such that they at once make the struggle for freedom total and absolute.

This demands of the oppressed first an identification, then a rejection of everything colonial, finally a determination, lest it should every recur, totally to eliminate all vestiges of colonialism wherever it is found.

Colonial people today have variedly become aware of the unnatural limitation imposed on progress by a colonial status, as a people we have partially identified and in identifying partially rejected it various aspects. It is this that has made possible a new form of colonialism in which oppressed is no longer by direct application but by distant impulses and self-imposed by reflex action. Neo-colonialism came to Africa by subterfuge, by diverting the tide of nationalism before it had gathered full momentum, by luring the unwary nationalist away from his people's declared objectives with premature victories and by clothing the imperialist in the false grab of defeat.

Africa today has recognized this subterfuge. Africa now understands the tactics of the enemy, the tactical withdrawal which has lured her into a hasty pursuit without the protection of her flanks and rear. We have learnt lately that the intention of the imperialist is to cut the vanguard, and finally, to retake the reins of power a project made easy by the demise of vanguard leadership and impose a subjugation made total and a slavery more object.

In conclusion, our struggle to freedom has taken a different dimension. Since our children has known the truth. It is now left for the world to speak up now because our children will never forget in hurry our pains and sorry. They are ready to embrace their culture and continue to fight for the liberation and emancipation of her country Biafra. Biafrans, friends of Biafrans and lovers of Freedom, our freedom is paramount to us and we will stop at nothing until freedom is achieved.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media (Igweocha Province)

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