■Author: Utiung Mathias 
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■ 22, Sep 2018

When I consider the situation and circumstances that surround Nigeria, I shake my head and weep for it, a country birthed in corruption, a country founded on corruption. Nigeria is heading for the rocks, much more than most Nigerians think and will ever think. I notice that when you address something that people are doing wrong, especially something that is difficult to do right, people tend to say things like, "May God help us," or they may pray that God will give them the grace to be doing right.
1) Igbos Wants To Impose Biafra On Us So That They Can Take Our Oil (oil), Anybody, saying this, is a born slave. who told you that? The northern zionists right? Even if that's case, Are You Presently In Control Of Your Oil? The worst part is that you will see an Okada man from the so-called Niger Delta saying that Igbos want to take our Oil(oil); Are you not a disgrace to the human race? You have oil but you're still riding Okada. I put it to you that what builds and develop a nation is not mineral resources(Oil and Gas) but Human resources.
How many oil wells does America have? Are you better than them? The answer is No, why no because you depend on your mineral resources while Americans depend on human resources. 2) Igbos Are Wicked & Heartless, They Want To Impose Biafra On Us So They Can Colonise Our People Anybody saying this is an efulefu You're the one who is wicked, heartless and colonists; Maybe that's your intention towards the Igbos because we justify other people through yourself.
3) We Are Not Biafrans, We Are South~South(Niger Delta) Anybody that said this, is an Idiot. What's Niger Delta? When was south created? Who were you living as before the creation of the so-called south (Niger Delta) in 1967 (before the war); Or does it mean that the world started in 1967? 4) Biafra Is For Igbos Only, We Are Not Igbos, We Are Different From Igbos, We Don't Speak The Same Language. Ok fine and good, in fact, Its better than normal
We have three ethnic groups in the zoo called Nigeria, which is Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba; Now where is your place as Niger Delta? It's obvious that most of you are far away from your brain, and that's why you're easily fooled; you're different from Igbos as you claim, but you share the same Culture, Religion, Ancestry, Worldviews, and the same Value system; Now what makes you different? Language?
In the so-called Niger Delta, Do you all have the same language? My fellow non~Igbo speaking Biafrans claiming to be south (Niger Delta), we are all Biafrans, the enemy knows that we will be the greatest on earth if we continue to be one; Given that, at a combined population of 35million plus 40million people, Our economic and entrepreneurial strength put together would be something the ruling alliance will be worried about, and that's why they created disunity we face today among us so we will remain in a circle and fight ourselves as enemies just as we are doing now; We(Niger Delta) are making enemies with the Igbos who are trying to free us from this slavery, and that's a pure definition of mental slavery.
The worst part is that we are slaves but we don't know that we are slaves because we have an illusion of freedom, and that's why we keep fighting our Igbo brothers as imaginary enemies.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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