■ Author:    Utiung Mathias
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 10, Sep 2018
The referendum does not mean war, its a system whereby electorates from a particular region of a country are invited to vote on an important proposal; As in the case of divorce or separation of a region from a country. The reason for a referendum to be conducted is to determine the fate of the electorates in a region of a country whether they want to remain within or separated, as the case may be, Nigeria and Biafra, a case study.
The reason why the referendum should be conducted for the people Biafrans in Nigeria is to know their decision and choice whether they still want to be part of Nigeria or want their own republic.
Though Biafra is beyond referendum, because it has existed 500yrs before the 1914 amalgamation; But due to the persistent killing of Biafrans by the Nigerian government and the pogrom in the northern part of Nigeria, everybody within the old eastern region is expected to support the call by IPOB for a referendum to be conducted because that's the only way to get rid of this longtime oppression on Biafrans by Nigerian govt.

Peradventure if referendum is conducted today, and 80‰ of the easterners didn't vote yes for Biafra, slavery, pogrom, tribal discrimination, suffering etc continues, and that's why we want you to support this call for our freedom because freedom is demanded by the oppressed and can never be given willingly/freely by the oppressors. Edited By Ezekwereogu john For Umuchiukwu Writers
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