■Author:  Frederick Onyeali 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ 26, Sep 2018

I want to personally and sincerely appreciate the Ipob Worldwide and especially the leadership for the mind-blowing achievements recorded in recent time. Today it is very clear that we have brought our Case to where it will be decided, and I may not be seen as boasting if I say that Ipob is the only group fighting for Biafra that has officially brought it to the table of the UN. Many so acclaimed Biafra freedom fighters in the past especially the man called Uwazurike of MASSOB and now BIM used to put his followers on the high jump by telling them that he was at the UN yesterday, he spoke with Kofi Anan, they are coming next week to declare Biafra, all of these are lies upon lies but unfortunately all the people following him will believe him without seeing any evidence both on pix or Video. I read about him recently endorsing Mrs Bianca Ojukwu the widow of our Hero and legend Ikemba Emeka Ojukwu for Senate under APGA, and I ask, Are these not those fighting for Biafra? This is to say that Ipob has officially gone to the UN and our grievances against Nigeria has been officially laid down to this World body through our Petition, and they must on their own part follow the Charter which they themselves made in agreement with member Nations including Nigeria. I am very much sure that the UN will not because of expired Nigeria go contrary to their already laid down rules and regulations. The struggle I can confess has gone to a high diplomatic level, and at this level now we are nearing our Promise land. Coming to this level means that we have reached the Supreme Court of decision taking in a Democratic freedom fighting which if you can check the World record only Ipob has got to this level without spilling even a drop of Blood. Ipob is creating a record that will be very difficult to beat even in the next 1000 Years, and we must continue to do all necessary things that will place us on a good page of World Politics. It is no longer news to say that Ipob has taken over the control of Biafraland, this could be confirmed by the 100% compliance to the Ipob Strike/sit at home order of 14th September, which was designed to remove the Sackcloth of mourning and to remember our own brethren who were brutally murdered through the bloody plan of Nnia Nwodo led proscribed Ohaneze and the present crop of Hausa-Fulani slaves called Igbo governors. All evidence is there to speak for themselves. These facts so much achieved were made possible by a strong dedication to the truth given to us by Director Nnamdi Kanu, Ipob and Biafra struggle is alive today because he refused to be bought over and we must continue in his footsteps not to allow ourselves to compromise the struggle no matter the situation. I want to appreciate the Biafrans in Biafraland working day and night even as they are surrounded by the enemies who are looking for them to kill. Your courage is unequalled. In fact, I owe all the effort to you Biafrans at home, you have made us get to this level. I must also recognise and commend the efforts of our gallant women who defiled every intimidation from the murderous terrorist Nigeria soldiers marching the streets of Biafraland asking for their son Nnamdi Kanu and his Royal family who got missing since Nigeria Army invaded their home in September 2017. I must not fail to appreciate the leadership of Ipob whose guiding force and light has not failed, and the entire Biafrans in the diaspora, many of us are well placed in our host Countries, but we still put efforts to fight for our homeland and must continue until we regain our sovereignty. Finally, I want to appreciate our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Ogidigada who ignited the fire before we joined him, God will bless him anywhere he is. All we are expecting from the UN is YES, YES and nothing but YES because we have kept to the rules and nothing in our record will make us to have No for an answer.
Edited by Aguocha Chinwendum
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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