THE Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in Ebonyi state Abakaliki province inaugurates multiple family units in preparation for the forthcoming Biafra referendum.

On Friday 21 September, 2018 the Indigenous People Of Biafra Ebonyi north senatorial district inaugurated Mgbukobe family unit in mile 50 in Abakaliki LGA Ebonyi state.

On Sunday 23 September, 2018 Amike aba zone, unit 3 family was equally inaugurated still in Abakaliki LGA Ebonyi north senatorial district.

The senatorial district coordinator Mazi Wisdom Ezike Nwambamu, who performed the inaugurations expressed his high level of joy over the heart-warming cooperation from the citizens of Ebonyi state in the struggle for Biafra restoration. He pledged his total allegiance to servicing Biafrans till total freedom achieved. He equally called on the Ebonyians outside the state who are in the struggle for Biafra freedom to help those at home because "We need your support in all ramifications". He stated.

The Ebonyi state IPOB coordinator Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya who was a guest to the inauguration adjoined them to be resolute, according to him "Biafra restoration and total freedom is at hand".

On his speech, Mazi Ebunola Ignatius the coordinator of Mgbukobe family unit appreciated those who came from far and near for the family unit’s inauguration, he promised to work hard alongside his executives and members in seeing that the gospel for Biafra freedom spreads wider to the nooks and crannies of Ebonyi state especially in Izzi nation.

Among the big heads in IPOB Ebonyi state who attended the inauguration were the state legal adviser Barrister Orogwu Cyril, The Ebonyi north senatorial prayer coordinator, Pastor Eze, the state CSO, Mazi Ejiofor Nweke, the state welfare officer, Mazi Iduma Williams, the Ebonyi women leader, Evang. Mrs Chioma Iwuala, Ebonyi north senatorial district coordinator Mazi Wisdom Ezike, the state coordinator Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya and others.

The people of Ebonyi state are very much ready to do anything humanly possible to get Biafra restored, under the leadership and command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB, this they have proved severally through series of total compliance to the 'Sit-At-Home' order by IPOB on 30th May 2017, 2018 respectively and the just concluded Biafra general strike and saboteurs day on 14th September, 2018 which the state recorded 95% compliance to the sit at home order to remember those Biafrans killed by the Nigeria army during operation Python dance in Biafra land between 2017, 2018.

The Ebonyians assured the Indigenous People Of Biafra of 99.9% total YES vote for Biafra exit from the contraption known as Nigeria during the forthcoming referendum because "We are sick and tired of this zoo called Nigeria". A member who spoke with the media on the condition of anonymity exclaimed. 

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media.

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