■Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 29, Sep 2018
"Nigeria is a hoax." We keep hearing that. I don't want to discuss whether that is true or not. But there is a great hoax among Nigerians and that is corruption. It has come to my notice that the fraudulent contraption known as Nigeria will clock 58th on October 1st, 2018, in other words, Nigerians will celebrate her corrupt independence day as a Republic of cattle come 1st October, well its funny but not surprising to me that some myopic mentally unfit Nigerians still celebrate that enclave as an independent country without asking questions if truly that entity is independent like she claim?.
A country that claimed she is free but still under the command and control of her colonial masters is that laughable,her citizens are not allowed to exercise their true sovereign rights in deciding what pattern of government they want without involving their colonial master's,a country after 58th years of independent she cannot boast of any tangible infrastructure as her achievement, the creation of Nigeria by colonial masters was to defraud indigenous people that make up that enclave, her independent in 1960 was a scam and brainchild of British government to position Nigerians into another modern slavery.
For any country to be independent she must be politically independent, Religious independent and economically independent, any independent country or Nation that those not obtain this three things is still under the command and control of her colonial master's, for some Nigerians who think Nigeria is independent you must be mistaken and insane. The fraudulent contraption you call a country as it exists today has never been one homogeneous country, it's a territory that contained a number of people, each people were pursuing their own destiny, each at its own pace and each following its own chosen direction, the people been referred to Nigerians of today had achieved or succeeded through varying decrees in developing their own peculiar civilization,what the colonial master's encountered on their arrival were already existing nations or what we might call nation_state,colonial master's in their bid to ensure a continued uninterrupted economic exploitation in the country after the fraudulent independent, recognised that this could only be done not by keeping the enclave known as Nigeria one but by ensuring that the effective political and military powers were left in the hands of northern Hausa Fulani oligarchy they could trust.
Saying Nigeria is independent is a typical example that colonial mentality actually sipped into the blood of a Blackman. The tragedy facing Nigeria today is that in 58th years of independence, succeeding government whether civil or military have contrived in making Nigerians strangers in their land, it is with this fact that has made the most intelligent observers agree that Nigeria independent is fraudulent and monumental of failure,this failure was both programmed into the scroll of independence and secured by the very circumstance of Nigeria emerging as a country of sovereign in. Since the so-called independent in the 1960s till date Nigerians have been deliberately prevented from addressing the vital issues that confront their country-hood, whenever such discussion tends to lead them to the threshold of a country revelation, the discussion is halted arbitrarily by whichever authority is in power, it is this that has to lead me to the belief that Nigeria is crippled by four fears, fear of change, unity, man and truth.
The struggle for independence in the 1960s gave Nigeria people togetherness but not unity, it also gave Nigeria confidence but not strength,58th years after independent Nigeria is still and fully embroiled in an identity crisis, the Nigeria of today is a place where their leader's and politicians are still in search of national program, a country in search of a common character.
The source and problem of Nigeria is rooted in their fear of unity or to put this in a different way, their lack of will to transform primordial instincts and create a modern polity, the Nigeria of today is a country of many tribes randomly put together and handed over to a nationally inept elite,this elites which imperialism imposed on Nigeria found very quickly that the only viable way for its survival was to excel in progressing imperial interest.
Woe to Nigeria that in 58th years of independence she is still sick that her disease is,perhaps the most virulent disease which renders all other considerations void is the cancer of neo_colonialism and loss of control over her armed forces,the cancer of indiscipline, the Nigeria of today which claim she is independent is still expressing tribalism and a perfectly egoistical dictatorship under Buhari's administration, her womenfolk has been excluded from the mainstream of development, electricity, water supply, telephone services, road networks and all other services appears to be purely decorative,their legislation is more or less cosmetic, while the economy is in deep recession,a defrauded country that claims independent but her citizens of old men and women who remember vividly the colonial era reminisce and yearn for the return of their erstwhile colonial masters, yet some gullible and stupid individuals want me to agree with them that Nigeria is an independent country, you must be ignorant of history and insane.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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