■ Author:  Victor Njoko
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 3, Sep 2018

It's a day I will never forget, a day that shall forever remain green in my memory, 14th September a bloody and a tragic day for Biafrans. Its the day Buhari and the chief of army staff invaded the house of IPOB leader Mazi prince Dr Nnamdi Kanu deliberately without any provocation from the group (IPOB). 14th September 2017, the day Nigeria army raided Kanu's house without any reasonable reason. This tragic and unwarranted invasion left 28 people dead, many where forced to sleep in a dirty contaminated water, while many were severely wounded and Nnamdi Kanu whereabout is still unknown until today.
When the military announced the commencement of operation Payton dance 2, they fallaciously said its to ensure that Igbo's are safe during the festal season, but they shamelessly turned and killed the people they said they are to protect. Although I was not that surprised because there is no way the Fulani jihadist dominated Nigeria army will come to Christian dominated Igbo land to protect them, rather they will cause more harm than good.
Initially, operation Payton dance 1was a plan to kill Biafra's in their large numbers, which failed to an extent. They through Biafra youth will react violently about the unending procrastination and continuous denial of bail to Nnamdi Kanu IPOB leader. But Biafra youth being so wise, pacifist and civilized was able to avoid the dangerous and venomous trap (operation Python dance 1). After this failed plan, the enemy did not relent. Again they launched operation Python dance 2, this time around they headed to Nnamdi Kanu house. After this murderous raid, the military vested judiciary power on themselves and illegally declared IPOB a terrorist organization in order to justify the killings.
17th August is also another unforgettable day, the day young, aged and pregnant women were arrested, tortured and detained for demanding Nnamdi Kanu's whereabouts, whose house was obviously and disastrously raid by Nigeria army, who of course did not deny the illegal invasion and terrorist attack. What exacerbates me the most is that the Court that granted Nnamdi Kanu bail have failed to compel Nigeria military to produce him(Nnamdi Kanu).
After recounting all these lugubrious events, perpetrated by monstrous Nigeria and her military, the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB now find it necessary to declare 14th September 2018 a general strike. It's a day to remember those whose life was wasted by Nigeria and her military. We are also using this medium to remind Nigeria and her Handlers that they can never go unpunished, they shall continue to go from calamity to doom until they let Biafra go.
I call on eminent Biafrans to honour this day 14th September in order to honour our fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate price that we may have our freedom. You're expected to lock your shops, stay away From every commercial activity, relax at home and pray for the restoration of Biafra and for God to avenge the death of our fallen heroes.
Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Publisher Udeagha Obasi For Umuchiukwu Writers
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