By Ama Chukwugoziem (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Can a leopard change its spots, certainly not? The election campaign and political defections are among the current issues that cut across the different facets of the human life in Nigeria. Politics in Nigeria is a mockery of democracy going by the definition and terms of democracy. Down the history lane and over the ages, we see the slave on one side of the divide and the slave-master as the exploiter on the other side. This is the type of political agenda that Britain proposed and handed over to the Islamic caliphate of the north.

In Nigeria, election campaign means dealing with human beings as the object of "trade". An election is an invitation to conflicts, chaos, anarchy, tension and violence. Politicians play the trump card; this is the reason why your PVC does not matter because your vote doesn't count. Voting in Nigerian election is sowing in the whirlwind. Voting in Nigeria has sown conflicts, tension, crisis and violence and she is reaping them all, Ekiti state governorship election is a tip of the iceberg.

Biafrans must boycott all elections in Nigeria and seek for a referendum and the restoration of Biafra. If there is no other reason why we must ask for referendum and restoration of Biafra nation, the 1966 political crisis leading to the mass murder of Igbo-Biafrans and other Easterners in the north, and the 30 months of gruesome Biafran civil war are enough reasons.

Our future will be destroyed if we continue to stay in Nigeria; our children would be brought up in a corrupt prone environment, corrupt media, corrupt security system, corrupt society, and would grow up to see corruption as the only way forward. Our journey towards the restoration of Biafra is realizable and has just begun; though the task looks insurmountable, we turn to God for help and, He will not disappoint us.
Biafra restoration is our last hope.

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