By Arinze Chukwu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The Nigerian president muhammadu Buhari has sold Nigeria to the Islamic States. If you are a Nigerian, it means that you are a Muslim, whether you like it or not. Buhari took an oath to Islamize Nigeria if he was Elected Nigerian president during one of his convention in Kaduna State in 2001 Where he promised his fellow jihadists that he will impose Sharia law on every part of Nigeria.

Following the 2015 general Election, muhammadu Buhari publicly said that the Igbos (South East and South- South) did not vote for him, which is the primary reason he refused to include Igbos in his ministerial appointment. Yes, I personally agree with Mr. President that the Igbos didn't vote for him because Igbos have earlier realized that Buhari is a killer / terror and has in him the Islamization agenda to enslave all Nigerians. South East and South- South didn't vote for Buhari in 2015 and will boycott 2019 election because voting in Nigeria means death.

Despite the continued killings of the innocent people across the country where Buhari in every ramification has indicated that he has a hand in the massacres and nobody will do anything. Instead, people are still clamouring to go and participate in the upcoming Nigerian general Election come 2019. Anybody that participates in the voting process means that the person supports the killings of the innocent people in Nigeria, whether you are a Christian or Muslim.

Some people may be asking me “what do I mean? The answer is straightforward, just like my previous article that I titled "Nigeria politicians are Birds of same feathers " voting out muhammadu Buhari to vote- in Atiku or any other person is like asking him (the new Elected person ) to continue where the former person stopped and that has been the Nigerian system of government from outset. So, what shall we do then? Let nobody participate in the Election. That is the only way out and begin to campaign for a Referendum for the restoration of Biafra.

Now that the minds of people have been divided, they have different opinions so only way to know what they are saying is to put it into voting (referendum). Perhaps, Buhari will have more chance to win if you participate in the election because your vote has never counted for one day. Instead, they will use your vote to decide whom they will put in power and not your choice. This Evil Cabal understands that peoples’ choice will definitely listen to them and disobey the federal government anytime they come up with evil plans against the people. That is why the voice of the masses can never be heard no matter what.

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