By Ajuzieogu Chukwuebuka (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Nnia Nwodo who is the leader of the socio-cultural group of Ndigbo, which is popularly known as Ohanaeze Ndigbo single-handedly, sold off the rights of the Biafran people to their enemies. He sponsored and floated an FM radio with some compromised elements in IPOB, distancing themselves from the IPOB quest for the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra.

The same person conceived and invited the Nigerian government with their war machines and murdered Biafrans in large numbers. The same disgruntled Ohaneze Ndigbo under the leadership of Nnia Nwodo saw the very situation and sufferings of their own people, instead of finding solution to the plight of their own people, all they could do was to be quick in labeling their people terrorists, and proscribed their activities just to silence the very same people they claim to represent.

On September 14th, 2017, these same elders and the South East Governors invited the Nigerian military to invade and raid the entire house of a king in Biafra land wherein they left hundreds of souls of Biafran youths, men and women lifeless and sent them to their early graves. The whole truth is that the Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East Governors, including Okezie Ikpeazu, have done much harm and no good to Biafrans in connivance with the Buhari led Government.

They know full well that the idea of restructuring and true federalism have long failed, yet they kept bringing up the idea just to achieve their own selfish aim and purposes. How can a man prefer his investments over the lives of millions of people whom worth far more magnificent than investment? Ohanaeze Ndigbo and their cohorts have actually failed Biafrans. Therefore the time has come for Biafrans to hold them accountable for all the evils Biafrans have been made to go through. While we mourn our dead come 14th September 2018, we cannot forget that Ohaneze Ndigbo, South East Governors and some Igbo elders forced them to their early graves.
Biafra restoration is our last hope.

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