Mercy Oluchukwu Bernard (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
It is evident that Biafrans are no longer comfortable in remaining in this heartless contraption called Nigeria; haven made consultations on the written documents used in the amalgamation of 1914, which said that the people are free to separate after hundred years of staying together. The said document expired in 2013, and all that we, Biafrans are saying, is that we need to separate from the expired amalgamation and have our total freedom.

We have endured enough subjugation, ravaging, impoverishment and all manner of inhuman treatment meted out to Biafrans by Nigeria, both the past and the present administration. The current administration led by Muhammadu Buhari, says it all; demonstrated it through its brutal, inhuman actions, total massacring, inflicting of hunger, denial of the fundamental rights of the people of Biafra, and the peace required for Biafrans to co-exist with Nigeria.

In fact, according to the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, the people of Biafra have rights as of a people. The Nigerian government violates sections 33 and 34 of the Nigerian constitution, which talks about the right to life and right to dignity of human person. Nigerian government intentionally violates the entire fundamental human right of the Indigenous people of Biafra. A country whose constitution is ineffective, remarkably practicing an autocratic system of government and dictatorship pattern of rule is not worth living in for this long. It is now downed on us as a nation that we must push harder for our total freedom and restoration, such as existed before amalgamation.

The recent deliberate attacks on Biafran women are worrisome. The governors collaborated with the federal government of Nigeria to single out the entire Biafran people for total elimination and destruction. What a crime against humanity!! The governors ruling in Biafran states held secret meetings with Buhari, and the northern leaders signed a treaty on how to lay an ambush against Biafran women and successfully executed their evil intentions.

They Fulanis know that Biafrans are peaceful people, practising a conventional democratic system of government as handed over by our ancestors, so they are not happy with us. Biafrans know that Nigeria Islamic government do not have any hope and future for them, so choose to remain in their ancestral legacy. Nigeria is full of flours, embezzlement, cheat, lies, brutal killings and abuse of human rights. It is evident that in Nigeria political power is highly intoxicating; to return for a second term after the first four-year tenure now makes the governors in Biafraland full slaves of the Hausa-Fulani oligarchs who are the power brokers in Nigeria.

Without mincing words, we declared it loud to the world that it is set and due for Biafrans to be free from Britain and Nigeria’s oppressive and aggressive killings, humiliation and all manner of inhuman treatment. We Biafrans beckon on the United Nation (UN) and other world powers whose conscience and reasoning is still alive to come to our aid and rescue, realizing that there is no replacement for a life lost and wasted. Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari the terrorist and arch destructionist is severely reducing our able men (human capacity) on a daily basis.

The Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) is operating on the United Nation’s (UN) law that welcomes Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination, existence and freedom. The world should realize that Biafran liberties and emancipation are equally freedom and empowerment for all African states.

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