By Ama Chukwugoziem (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
“Go make disciples of all nations teaching them all you have observed-Christ Jesus”
The church exists to evangelize and all her members must be fully aware of their responsibility. This is the reason why the Spiritual gift of ordination prepares men for a mission-the universal mission of salvation even to the very ends of the earth.

Therefore, all pastors must fully understand that their lives have also been consecrated to the service of their mission. Their lives must reflect the missionary works. Every pastor in a special way is a missionary to the world. Pastors of churches must put themselves concretely at the disposal of the "Holy Spirit", to be sent to preach the Gospel beyond the frontier of their own locality. He is a born animator and the primary person responsible for the awakening of missionary consciousness in the faithful.

The tremendous expansion of churches in Biafraland has reached unprecedented level showing insufficient regard for the culture and traditions of the people, as a result of this, Christians engage in the infamous and unchristian slavery to money and material things. Many men of God nowadays resolve to preach money and riches and are materialistic. They preach money and miracle no more salvation, which is the sole aim of the coming of the Messiah. Many men of God have deviated from exercising the function of shepherds because of not following the footsteps of their master.

They no longer gather God's family together. Many people are so confused, so frustrated, so disillusioned, so much out of touch with realities, so far from the truth, so denied the basic realities of life because of the activities of these so-called men of God. Some are wolves in sheepskin. Another flagrant but disgusting aspect of poverty which is tremendously excruciating, eating up the fabric of the nation is the pushing around of people especially the younger generation by these sweet tongued men of God.

Many church pastors are persuading their members to go and collect the permanent voter’s card, with or without any knowledge that the voter's card is not practically working. It is not working because men have been bought over by the politicians. Politicians found out that political campaigning in Biafraland is not workable; hence, they see these materially conscious men of God as an easy and shorter means of reaching the public.

Sources available to Abia writers disclosed some of the Pentecostal pastors that are connected to these politicians. Imagine wherein these Pentecostal churches that do not have enough space to accommodate her members, is using a portion as a PVC centre. What do you think has given rise to this? The enemies are within us, so be wise because all that glitters is not gold. Some of these Pentecostal materially minded pastors are being used as bait. They constitute the greatest source of insecurity of most Biafrans, challenging the Biafra restoration by divulging the secrets of the IPOB members to the law enforcement agents. They are Princes of darkness, the fathers of lies, source of human suffering and death. No wonder the Bible says judgment starts from the church.

Further, pastors must be personal instrument of Christ, should conform themselves to the image of Christ. Pastors must learn to maintain a sober-life-style and exercise prudence in either requesting or accepting donations from the rich and powerful politicians.
Biafra restoration is our last hope.

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