Biafra: I Shall Choose Among You A Prophet

Prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 

The moment of sorrow, the time of pains and grief, the period of intimidation, harassment, abuse of power and violation of Human Rights; a true color and systemic ruling best known and practically recognized by Tyrants.

It should be well noted that a true prophet of the Highest is not those who do guesswork, but is always known as one who foresees what is to come in the future long even before it commences, and foretells it to people; as a watchman of his people.

The likes of Adeboye, Mbaka, T.B.Joshua, e.t.c, are just parading themselves as prophets of GOD-ALMIGHTY, whereas they are actually this day prophets of Baal, while the TRUE prophet of GOD-ALMIGHTY is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; the one who foretold the coming of Boko Haram in disguise as Fulani herdsmen, the man who described Mohammadu Buhari, his real agenda of ensuring that Islam is fully practiced in Nigeria by every coercive means damn feat. He made it well known to us that the reason for Buhari's enormous, tireless and relentless seek of power is to finish the mission he could not accomplish in 1983-1984 during which he ruled as a military dictator after he succeeded in overthrowing(treason) Shehu Shagari.

Meanwhile, what has been going on in the National Assembly recently should also serve as an evidence to prove to mankind that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a true prophet who once told us that the battle would start from the Senate and House of Rep. as a ball game.

There are many of his prophecies that have actually come to pass just as he foretold, but I mentioned a few which is very clear and happening. I don't really know others which are yet to come, but I do recall that he also said that Somalia would be a child's play compared to what Nigeria would turn into by the time he is done with Nigeria. And today, we are not in doubt of the fact that it will come to pass since a General like T.Y. Danjuma repeated the quote of the true prophet of our time.

In fact, we should be thankful to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for bringing this security consciousness by making us be very much aware of what is to come even before the time was right. He is truly a Godsent to us and must be seen as the Messiah of our own time; the last age.

Therefore, whether dead or alive, he shall be remembered and be revered as a true son of the Highest, the LORD of the w earth. He must be given a great honor as an eye opener by all, especially, Africans; for that which the wise could not understand he explained, that which the seers could not tell, he foretold and that which the prophets could not speak of he has forewarned.

However, it should go down the history that he who was foretold of his coming by many prophets of old (Isaiah 11, Ezekiel 34&37, Malachi 4) and even by Christ himself (John 14&16) came during our own generation here on earth.

Written By  Chiukwubuike Anagboso

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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