The killings in Nigeria has become a tradition and this must stop because we are not animals, we are human beings just like Biafrans the children of the most high God (Chukwuabiama).

But before I proceed first of all what is referendum? Referendum is a method of expression of the will of the people in matters concerning their welfare, existence and association. For instance, a civil way of determining your choice of belonging by voting means.

Nigeria government, the Boko haram terrorist and Fulani Herdsmen are killing innocent people and also the IPOB Biafran on daily basis and the international communities are paying deaf ear to all these atrocities being committed by the Nigeria government.

It does not end in the killing but marginalization has worsened the case were some geographical zones in Nigeria are being cheated. We the South-Eastern and South-South containing mainly Biafrans which 75 percent of resources made up in Nigeria is coming from these regions but still the people are been treated as fourth class citizens of the country where Cow are been value more than them. For instance, the killings of people of Southern region by Hausa-Fulani herdsmen.

People are wallowing in abject poverty in this contraption called Nigeria. Unity in Nigeria has never help issues since the demonic amalgamation invade on us by the British government. The British fingerprint in Africa has been causing more havoc and a set back to the modern day of civilization. They came to some part of West Africa and stole the good ideas from the great Indigenous people during the slave trade. Among the slaves been taken from Africa, Biafrans are more than 70 percent of the slaves taken from Africa.

Out of subjugation, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu declared the sovereign state of Biafra in 1967 which later led to Biafra war that lasted for 3 years ended in 1970. After the war the cause of new Biafra and secession from the satanic cyclone called Nigeria became more worse than before.

Today a movement has emerged to determine the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra, the IPOB (Indigenous peoples of Biafra) lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who erected a media platform (Radio Biafra London) propagating the gospel of Biafra to the entire world and educating every Africans of Biafra as the only hope left for Africa in this modern century and otherwise.

IPOB has been recorded huge success in the various stage involved in the Biafra restoration project through International diplomatic procedures. The Self-determination principle has been one of the great codes of conduct of IPOB which has both local and international backup but Nigeria government has absolutely denied the IPOB the right for self-determination which Nigeria government is a signatory to in the United Nation charter.

Thousands of IPOB has been killed by the Nigeria military men, thousands have been arrested and a lot of incarceration is still on going against the IPOB despite the fact that we are the most peaceful freedom fighters all over the world which can be testify in the Guinness book of record year 2017/2018.

Today IPOB have systematically call for Referendum test to determine the faith of Biafrans to be free from satanic cyclone called Nigeria. Biafra referendum will be a taste of African civilization.

All we are asking is a date of referendum. A call for referendum is not a call for war, many countries have done their own referendum. For instance, Scottish independence referendum Act 2013, Egypt conducted her referendum on 19th of march 2011, East Timor had a referendum 30th of August 1999 Eritrea in April 1993 and our own will not be different.

We must go because Nigeria is not a nation since the creation of Nigeria nothing good have come out of it, not even one thing. Nigeria is built on a fraudulent foundation and should be destroy for the uplifting of Africa and the world at large. We cannot continue to live in Nigeria where there is no rule of law, we cannot continue to live in Nigeria where there is no freedom of speech, we cannot continue to live in Nigeria where they kill innocent Biafran Christian, we cannot continue to live in Nigeria where the President does not obey court order, we cannot continue to live in Nigeria where there is massive unemployment; we want referendum from United Nation.

Biafra is a task that must be accomplished because we have been existing before British and Nigeria. We want referendum, we the people of Biafra have determined to go this unholy married can never work, we must go all we are asking Nigeria and their god British is to leave us alone, we want to go home and referendum is the answer.

Written by:
Frank Nwosu 
For: Enugu State Media

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