The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Ebonyi state women wing on Sunday 12th, August 2018 hosted the IPOB national women leader, Mrs Uzoamaka Egezie also known as 'Mama Biafra' in the state capital Abakaliki, alongside some state executives; with the aim to look into the best ways to get the women in Abakaliki province of Biafra land comply with their counterparts in other states and provinces in order to deliver on the task ahead of them.

Evangelist Mrs Chioma Iwuala the Ebonyi state IPOB women leader, on her welcome address to the women and mama Biafra, as well as those who came alongside her, expressed gratitude and joy over the mass turnout of the Ebonyi state IPOB women who came from the nooks and crannies of the state to welcome the national women leader for the first time in the state.

An introduction of the women who were drawn from the three senatorial districts of Ebonyi state (Abakaliki province) was made. The state IPOB coordinator Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya alongside his executives and the senatorial district coordinator of Ebonyi north, Mazi Wisdom Ezike and the Ebonyi south senatorial district coordinator Rev. Oko Elijah Okpara as well as many unit, zonal and local government coordinators  were equally in attendance to pay homage to Mama Biafra, as she demanded to meet with the principal officers in the state to show an appreciation over their hardworking and resilient in the struggle for Biafra restoration.

While addressing the general house and the attendees focusing on the women, Mrs Uzoamaka Egezie (Mama Biafra) the national IPOB women leader appreciated the women of Ebonyi state IPOB for their formidability in the quest to restore Biafra, she narrated her experience in the struggle from the time she joined MASSOB with Uwazurike, she enumerated the differences between MASSOB and IPOB, she reiterates that IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will restore Biafra.

Speaking on the politics and the unity of the expired contraption called Nigeria, she said "The politicians cannot offer to us anything helpful, all they are mindful of is their pockets and stomach, they can do anything to the detriment of the poor masses to achieve their lustful goals, we should be mindful of them and their evil activities, be wise as serpent to avoid being deceived"

She added that Nigeria from the day of its contraption by the British, has not been one in any form and will never be. "All the efforts made to see if Nigeria could be one especially by Biafrans failed woefully instead it resulted into killings, maiming and marginalization of the Biafrans by the Nigeria government, there is nothing better for  this contraption than to divide it let Biafra secede. The Biafra referendum coming up in no distant time will barricade the falsehood of Nigeria unity" She further quoted some verses from the Quran which supported the killings of non-Muslims (the infidels) by the Muslim faithful.

Major General Edmond Nwaja, a retired Biafra veteran who is the IPOB national veteran’s leader, who came alongside Mama Biafra on the august visit, while addressing the attendees after introducing himself said "Indeed, Ebonyi state IPOB is formidable, we have come to encourage you to keep doing the good work you're doing for Biafra restoration, very soon Biafra total freedom will be achieved."  He later held a brief meeting with the veterans in attendance.

Speaking for and on behalf of the state executives, Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya the Ebonyi state IPOB coordinator expressed delight over the massive turnout and the cooperation from the IPOB Ebonyi women wing. He urged them to "keep the spirit and the enthusiasm on, take the message to your different domain and encourage other women to join the struggle because you have a lot of role to play"

Hundreds of women including some state, senatorial, local government, zonal and units principal officers in Ebonyi state (Abakaliki province) attended the meeting with Mrs Uzoamaka Egezie, popularly known as 'Mama Biafra'.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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