■ Author:  Ralph Okeke 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 30, Aug 2018
Before talking about the upcoming Biafra referendum, you need to explain to a layman what Biafra referendum truly means, its definition in relation to international politics, the advantage, the implication of voting ‘NO’ and the international condemnation that accompanies it if the Nigeria government refuses to honour it.
Biafra referendum is a direct vote in which an entire Biafra land (old eastern Nigeria region) is invited to vote on leaving Nigeria. The upcoming Biafra referendum is to say yes, WE THE PEOPLE wants Biafra and reject a failed nation called Nigeria. The referendum gave us a choice of accepting or rejecting Biafra and we must choose wisely. Biafra referendum is a process of choosing between the kingdom of God on earth and being slaves to the people we’re better than. The upcoming referendum spells greater doom for the country you know as Nigeria today because, with the referendum, we are not only choosing to belong to Biafra and reject Nigeria alone, it will show the international community that a people in Africa can be organized for once, that we are serious about Biafra.
A Biafra referendum that will be conducted soon will determine out of 60/40 the majority. If the 40% becomes the answer from Biafrans, it means that they will remain in Nigeria. If the 60% becomes the answer from Biafrans, then the world has no option than to allow Biafrans go. To this effect, evangelism must continue. The rural and urban areas must be dominated by the gospel of Biafra.
Nigeria government may choose to ignore it, but believe me, your vote has counted and the international community has registered our intention and from that day things will never remain the same. We are doing what has not be done on the continent of Africa, we must be strong and follow the leadership of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB, it is only our leader that can give us the freedom we want and desire and never allow any Fulani slaves to induce you with money.
This upcoming referendum for the restoration of our dear country is not just to your own advantage, but for your entire generations unborn. Back to your tent O’ Israel says the lord, the time has come when Biafra will reject the Hausa and Fulani and go back to their tent, control their resources, put their future and the future of their kids in their hand through referendum, the time is now, we will not retreat or surrender. All hail Biafra.
Edited by Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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