■ Author:  Ezekwereogu John
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 30, Aug 2018
When I consider the situation and circumstances that surround the forthcoming election, I shake my head and weep for Nigeria, a country birthed in corruption, a country founded on corruption. Nigeria is heading for the rocks, much more than most Nigerians think and will ever think.
Take it, as the election approaches, many Nigerians just want anything that is not Buhari and APC. And if you are willing to take it, such a mindset is even deadlier, it is Nigeria who has Buhari, as the President, in the first place. Goodluck was not doing well, and many Nigerians wanted anything that was not Goodluck. There really is no difference between the average Nigerian and APC. Yes. In her supposed fight against corruption, APC exculpates any politician affiliated to the party, which makes the supposed fight against corruption a witch-hunt for members of opposition parties. Many Nigerians tend to support and applaud anybody that stands against Buhari and APC. For instance, one of the easiest ways to gain relevance on Facebook is blasting Buhari and APC. Anybody that is contesting for a political office against APC is loved and supported unquestioningly and uncritically. And that is really the main reason why Goodluck is hero-worshipped today...Buhari defeated him in the election that was marked with irregularities to become the President, and so he is some kind of martyr. Aye, Goodluck is a good man, but the truth is that he was not a good leader. Again, Nigerians want to have a good Nigeria without getting rid of corruption, especially as it concerns the all, remember the country has its foundation rooted in corruption. Which actually means that Nigerians want to have a good Nigeria, without getting rid of the bane of Nigeria (that is, the actual cause of the bad state of Nigeria): corruption. The policeman who collects N20 from motorists on the road wants a better Nigeria, but he does not want to stop collecting N20 from motorists. Those who reduced their age to enter the civil service want a better Nigeria. Civil servants who collect money from the public before offering them services, which the government is paying them for, want a better Nigeria, but they don't want to stop robbing the public. Youth Corpers who, as electoral officers, collect bribe from political parties during elections wants a better Nigeria. Etc. Well, that is how those in public offices embezzle public funds, and still want a better Nigeria.
Countrymen, Nigeria will not get better, this is because the reason for the makeup was mischievously conceived, it is a fraud, it is not fit to be that haven Nigerians yearn for. That is the truth nobody wants to hear. Some are even denying this truth outrightly, that corruption is not the problem, as it is not a root cause but recent issues have affirmed that. that there is corruption in developed countries, that the problem is tribalism, ethnicism, nepotism and whatever other is there is. Fine, keep daydreaming. But I will say the truth still: until the man in the street says "No" to Nigeria. Nigeria will continue to grow from bad to worst, and all hopes and "efforts" to make Nigeria a better place will continue to end in futility. Whether you want to accept it or not, the problem of Nigeria is ill-conceived from the foundation of it. Any other problem is just a symptom of the problem, or at most, a secondary problem.
There is a reason why I seldom write about politics...it is likely that I will be opposing the popular political views. Sometime, last two years, I was writing posts about politics, and I found out that I was not just fighting the supposed common enemy (politicians), I was also fighting those who are supposedly on the same side with me (the masses). When I read what people are writing about politics today, it makes me sick. Everybody is beating around the bush; nobody wants to hit the hammer on the nail.
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