■ Author:  Victor Njoko
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 23, Aug 2018
When Muhammadu Buhari rigged the 2015 election, I had known from inception that his administration will be tyrannical, which made me and my friends abnegate Buhari and Nigeria completely. The worst thing that ever happened to Biafrans is the amalgamation of a southern and northern protectorate by Fredric lugard. The negligence of democracy by the Muhammadu led administration emanated as a result that Biafrans are still together with the illusion called one Nigeria. Had it been that they separated from this illusion, the tyrannical consequences wouldn't be for them.
The first failed attempt Buhari made after he succeeded in rigging the election was to close silver bird, which was the only media that was exposing the atrocities he had committed. Anybody who is against the media is against democracy. Judiciary is the last hope of the common man, but I'm flabbergasted about the action of the present judicial system of Nigeria under Muhammadu Buhari, they have to refuse to grant bail to IPOB women who were arrested on 17th August while on a peaceful protest at Owerri.
The misuse of the military has increased to the highest level, as the military is no longer protecting the citizens they are supposed to protect but are now the ones deliberately massacring the Innocent citizens in a gruesome manner. Muhammadu Buhari's led administration is comparable to Idi Amin of Uganda and Adolf Hitler of German, thus I will describe him as the Hitler of Africa and Idi Amin of Nigeria.
The continuous incarceration of IPOB women in Owerri Imo state by the commissioner of police ASP Dasuki Galandanchi is unacceptable and condemnable. These aged, pregnant and young women who have been stripped and tortured and also have been denied proper medication. I don't know when peaceful protest became treason and terrorism. Have they been any time that women conspired and took over a government in the world? The arrest of IPOB women on 17th August 2018 is emanating with the planned operation Python dance III, the plan of Nigeria government is to provoke Biafra sought to wrath so that they can have a concrete reason to bring the military Python down to the south-east for the catastrophic dance on innocent lives. But Biafrans are not known for violence, we are civilized people and will always follow lay down procedure. It is odious that the supposed self-acclaimed elders, traditional rulers, and political leaders have been calm about this inhumane treatment meted against Biafrans by Buhari led administration. The self-acclaimed elders and leaders in Biafra land no longer have integrity and the moral ground to oppose Muhammadu Buhari's evil act because they have been given envelope by this pretentious corrupt administration.
The media is no longer interested in its investigative journalism, but are now very much interested in Muhammadu Buhari's re-election bid. The international communities should stand up to their responsibilities now and rescue oppressed Biafra's from Buhari security agents to avoid and avert this looming danger.
I also ask Biafran youths to remain peaceful and resolute as they have been, and also to beat careful as Buhari's security agents are after their innocent precious souls. Always be your brother's keeper because I'm convinced that at the end Biafra shall be restored and remember that it's he who laughs last laughed best so remain tenacious.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers
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