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■ 23, Aug 2018
In reflection on the continuous and incessant instruction of the Biafran women, I will wholesomely wish to tell the whole world that democracy has died a natural death in the country called Nigeria and now, we are on the reign of dictatorship and impunity. It has actually become so obvious that the country called Nigeria is not participating in the leadership activities of democracy anymore. Dictatorship, tyranny, oligarchy and Authoritative mode of leadership have actually become the order of the day. Unfortunately, violation of human rights, subjugation, marginalisation and inhuman attributes has become a norm entirely in a country such as Nigeria and its innocent citizens has become entirely the prey, yet, no one has anything to say about these. Moreover, people standing according to the constitution, diligently working and trading peacefully according to the memorandum of the laws and constitution of Nigeria, has every day by day been clamped down by the Federal Government of Nigeria creating pain, afflictions, sorrow and agony in the lives of their families. In the rights of every citizen and indigenous population, it was clearly stated that one is entitled to self-determination, freedom of speech and as well as the freedom of expression. The nearly 150 Biafran women arrested and detained in Owerri since August 17, 2018, broke no laws of Nigeria. In sum, they were merely expressing their rights guaranteed under Nigeria Law. That right is the Right to Self Determination protected by Chapter A9, Laws of Federation of Nigeria, which states that: "All peoples shall have the unquestionable and inalienable right to SELF-DETERMINATION. Oppressed people shall have the right to free themselves from the bonds of domination by resorting to any means recognised by the international community. Article 1 of same Law provides that the State "shall recognise the rights, duties and freedom enshrined in this Charter and shall undertake to adopt legislative or other measures to give effect to them". Yet, these beautiful young and elderly mothers were charged for ten offences for merely expressing this right and taken to Magistrate Court that the government knows has no jurisdiction. One can't state clearly when women protesting peacefully without guns and bullets, matches and cutlasses, nor even a stick on the street has automatically become guilty of treasonable felony and terrorism. This show that the Nigerian Government are at the highest extent of exterminating the whole Biafrans and their descendants. In most civilised countries, people take up to the street and express their emotion, feeling and dissatisfactions on some matter that they feel is not going well in the governance in the country and it is called the will to self-determination and freedom of expression. Yet, no one hurts them. But come to Nigeria where there is no law nor constitution, innocent protesters are held, arrested, detained and charged against several kinds of unimaginable charges such as treasonable felony, terrorism and many more for just taking part on the fundamental human right. It is no longer a new thing that federal government of Nigeria has always kept mute on the true perpetrators of terrorism in the country, which are the Fulani herdsman, Bokoharam and many others, but has always wish to clamp down on some innocent protesters to the extent of remanding over 150 lactating and pregnant woman in the person for just exercising their whole fundamental human right, denying them of every medications, food access, self maintenance and also breastfeeding there babies. What else could these be regarded to, if not wickedness in the highest order? A fundamental human right, enshrined in that law and constitution of a particular federation that has been exercised by the citizen of such federation has now become punishable by the law. How then are we live in a democracy? If the Nigerian Government genuinely claim to be part of democracy in the twenty-first century, they must know and understand that they have wrongfully violated the fundamental human right of the Biafran women and must do everything possible quickly to uphold fairness and absolute tranquility because these women, has broken no law nor has they committed any offense just as it was enshrined in Nigerian constitution. Finally, the Nigerian government should not look down o the laws of the country and keep perpetrating evil upon the lives of some indigenous population. Nigerian government should free the innocent women of Biafra and stop perpetrating on the lives of the innocents. Biafran women are not terrorist, Biafran women never committed any crime at all. They never broke the law. Why all this maltreatment?

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