By Ogechukwu Ubah (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Abia state was created on 27th August 1991; it was carved out from Imo state. Many governors both civilian and military have governed the state since creation, among whom are:
Frank Ajobena; Military Administrator - 28 August 1991
Ogbonnaya Onu; Executive Governor - January 1992
Chinyere Ike Nwosu; Military Administrator - December 9 1993
Temi Ejor; Military Administrator - August 14 1994
Moses Fasanya; Military Administrator - August 22 1996
Anthony Obi; Military Administrator - August 1998
Orji Uzor Kalu; Executive Governor - May 29 1999
Theodore A Orji; Executive Governor - May 29 2007
Okezie Victor Ikpeazu; Executive Governor - May 29, 2015, to date

After 27 years of different leaderships, Abia state remains the worst state in the federation. In every electoral campaign, the aspirants will campaign with the same projects like good roads, Electricity, free Education, payment of salaries etc. Yet after 27 years, none has been achieved, and I ask, is it that Abia state does not generate revenue or that they don't get federal allocation? Why can’t she make use of what she gets to make the masses benefit from the dividends of democracy?

In Aba- commercial centre of the state, people living in some areas like Port Harcourt road, Obohia road, Ohanku road, Ngwa road etc, are in serious difficulty because of bad roads and inadequate electricity supply. They are abandoned in those aspects but still mandated to pay all their bills ranging from high electricity bills, sanitation, infrastructure, health, capitation, the list is endless. Individuals are asked to pay for the construction of the roads; they pay for sanitation yet they still spend money to dispose of their refuse.

All these things are happening in Abia state; two days public holiday was declared in Abia state on 24th and 25th July 2018 for workers to go and get their P V C so that they will not be de franchised. Some organisations in Aba, like the Landlords Association headed by the proprietor of vote for Jesus Motors, has started operation show your PVC in their meetings as if getting it is a guarantee that one will vote. One can get PVC and still not vote. With the present condition of the people living across Ngwa road, how are you sure they are going to vote for any candidate in the forthcoming 2019 general elections?

In the list of Nigerian States, Abia state is number one, and their slogan is “God's own state”, but in the actual sense, they are the last concerning development. In Aba, once it rains, no matter the area you are living, you are in a serious problem because definitely, you will trek to your destination no matter the distance. The whole places will be flooded because of poor drainage system and the habit of throwing refuse into the gutters, you hardly see any vehicle on the road, if you are not careful enough while trekking, you will fall into the gutter and sustain injury.

Again in Abia state, there is poor urban planning; buildings are erected everywhere and anyhow, no proper planning. You will see a building erected illegally, the urban planning in the affected area will mark it “Remove, illegal, or stop work”, you think they are working or that they will implement what they wrote, before you know it, the same building that is marked remove or illegal will be completed and start functioning. Nothing will happen because they have taken bribe and look the other way. These are some of the reasons why Abia state is still backward and shall remain so unless Biafra is restored.

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