Amayo Uzo Philips 

"What was on the minds of Nnia Nwodo and the five Igbo governors when they gathered to proscribe IPOB? What were they thinking and who were they proscribing the non-violent group for? I have never heard any Fulani man or person come to the open to condemn Boko Haram or the Herdsmen even when these two organizations are listed in the world terrorist index as terrorist groups. Instead they tend to defend them.

Where was Ohaneze Ndigbo when Nnia Nwodo and the five Igbo governors raised their heels against their harmless kinsmen and by their own foolishness labelled them terrorists?  What was on their minds when they permitted the Operation Python Dance that saw the brutal murdering of harmless Igbo youths? These actions directed against their own kinsmen will for ever hunt them because the blood of those innocent kinsmen they betrayed to death will continue to cry out against them.

I hear that the army is planning for Operation Python Dance 3 for the South East and I ask why don't the army take their power to face Boko Haram that is taunting them in the North East instead of coming to the South East to kill innocent and harmless civilians? If they have war tactics, let them show hem against Boko Haram and the herdsmen. If they have war equipment, they should use them against the terrorists that are resisting them in the North.

Why are they taking wars to where no wars exist? What a misdirected energy? I am waiting to see what the Ohaneze Ndigbo and the five Igbo governors are going to do about this plan by the army to come and murder more harmless Biafrans. No matter how they try, they can only fuel the fire of the ideology of Biafra by their despotic actions against Biafrans. I must end with this popular song which we sang in the Nigeria- Biafrans war:

Take my bullet when I die
Oh Biafrans
Take my bullet when I die. hallelujah
If I happen to surrender and die forever
Biafrans take my bullet when I die.

They may kill us, but the voice of Biafran freedom can never be silenced."

Written by:
Mazi Chukwudi Peace
For: Abuja State Media

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