By Johnbosco Udonwa
For Biafra Choice Writers

A major news that amused many Biafrans was that which hit the newsstands on June 29, 2018. It was a news story indicating that Nigerian police had apprehended two men it claimed to be members of Indigenous of People of Biafra (IPOB), who detonated a bomb in the village home of Nnia Nwodo.
Nnia Nwodo is the leader of Ohaneze, a self-acclaimed elders group of the Igbo. According to the report, the men were responsible for bombing Nwodo’s home at Ukehe on April 29.
By this singular action, Nwodo contracting the police to tell this lie, has shown what little mind he and his fellow Ohaneze elements possess. Who, in his right mind, will believe that IPOB has anything to do with the detonation of childish bombs. Who does not know that it is Ohaneze elements that play childish games with bombs whenever they are in a disagreement?
It is appalling to observe that in spite of all the claims of Ohaneze elements to intellectualism, this is the best they could come up with. What Nwodo and his group has just done is taking its bombing stunts to outlandish and ridiculous level.
How can IPOB, a worldwide group of highly educated, sophisticated and connected individuals that has presence in more than 88 countries of the world (more than Nigeria) would be throwing childish IEDs. The world knows that IPOB is the biggest non-violent freedom fighting group in the world. The world knows that IPOB is so sophisticated that if it wants to turn violent, it would not be by throwing childish IEDs around.
Who does not know that Ohaneze has a record of settling scores among themselves by throw bombs. Ohaneze elements have always done this each time they shortchanged one another during the sharing of monies they squeez out of politicians through their nefarious activities. A good example was the explosion of January 2015, when another IED was detonated at the dirty, ram-shackled, and unkempt building at 7 Park Avenue G. R. A. Enugu, which they called their National Headquarters.
The explosion came few hours after the chairman of their Caretaker Committee, Ralph Obioha, constituted a panel to probe the former chairman of the group, Chief Enwo Igariwey and his executives. The explosion led to a fire which affected parts of the main hall of the building.
This being the case, Nwodo should be told to respect his old age and stop childish lies and stunts. In our land, it is an abomination for old men to tell lies. If he has shortchanged any of his members in the sharing of booties from their Operation Python Dance activities of last year, he should go and settle them and leave IPOB out of it.
IPOB is a peaceful, IPOB does not throw bombs. IPOB has achieved so much with its peaceful activities that Nigeria is already falling apart on it hinges. Why should IPOB start throw bombs now? Nwodo should grow up.

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