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■July 17, 2018
It really took me time to x-ray critically this particular subheading and also to equate it glamorously with the very situation obtainable in Nigeria, Africa, and the whole world at large. Today, we can witness, hear and even be part of so many anarchies happening around the whole word without been ask of. But the question still remains, when will there be peace in this whole world? Why all these kills around the world? Who are the master planners of all the murdering of innocent souls? Why would the black race always be the victims or even the prey? In fact, I was really touched while asking myself these questions. Coming down to know or dig deep into the substance of all the problems, chaos, and anarchies obtainable around the whole world, and mostly in Africa to be precise. We will get to understand and know effectively what all these problems are all about and what it actually stands for.
In the early lifespan of an average African, they were all people living in peace, harmony, neutrality and realistic nature. They hardly have differences within there neighbourhood, neither do they under mile one's value system, traditions, and beliefs. They believe so much in creation and values creation with a high extreme. They have their own different way of civilization, lifestyle and even communications. And none ever infiltrates one another's personality, value systems or traditions, until the coming of the holy religion from the White Man. From a research, Ancient Africans know not what guns are, they know not what bombs and missiles are at all. Africans never hopes on killing to survive, they never believe in killing to feed well. They always work hard, they farm better and make ends for themselves. They barely believe nor practice invasion, they hardly shed blood in their own land. The only fight carnivorous animals and carnivorous infiltrators. The manufacture their own weapons just for protection and productions and not really for invasion and bloodshed. Then there came a religion from the very white man. The white man came to Africa, dehumanized, disrespected, Violet's, perpetrated and distorted their beliefs, value systems, integrity, and greatness of a black man and then subjugated them into total slavery even in their own land. The white impacted hatreds among blacks and divided them with different ideas of religions. Those who wish to resist them, they will ruthlessly crush with their swords, guns, and bullets. The whites trampled and unrated on the black man's dignitary with no single Remus of respect. They brought a fraudulent religion and took away their gods, they took away their treasures without minding if they are truly existing as a people. In fact, the white armory supremacy rated it all. They terrorized their lands, they killed their mothers, they killed their fathers and still till today, they are doing same just to retain their whole supremacy and authority all over Africa. The idea of colonization from a white man has always kept Africans under siege and direct submissiveness on their superiority. Blacks are natural people endowed with all forms of riches, wealth, knowledge and treasures given directly to them by God. But the white man will never let them live and enjoy these gifts given to them by nature just for the same of this very idea of being superior to them.
In 1959, a particular uncle of mine, went to a white man's country just to apply for an admission in to the higher institute of theirs, but this very uncle of mine was deprived of his admission into the higher institute just because he was not a white man and that he was a black man. These lead to the defense of that very uncle from furthering his studies the actual time he was supposed to further it. The white man hated the black man just for nothing sake, they rate them just like an outcast, yet, they keep sucking their treasure so dry. The white man stated it clear, that freedom is not that meritable for a black man and that wisdom is far more behind them during. But to the real sense is that true? The white man perverse sly came into the black man's land, with wholeheartedness, the black man welcomed him into their land and asked them to live as a free people just as the same way they themselves do. But the white man subtilty turned against the black man's will and betrayed him sub passively. Conquered them with arms and made them slaves in their own land just for the will of taking their riches from them. Today, the black man has no will of his own if not to seek from a white man his whole freedom.
In as much as the many black men are still been used as a tool to fighting themselves, the white man with his whole ideology has inflicted sorrow, pain, sufferings, and hunger to the entire existence of an average black man. They are no longer free to reap many treasures found in their own land. They can no longer farm in their own land, they can no longer speak out boldly and publicly just for the fear of being gunned down by their supremacists. What pain? Africa O Africa, who shall then save you from your dying soul? Then I wished to quote these prophecy "a prince shall emerge from the trigger of Africa and his mission shall be for the emancipation of his own people" by. If only Africans as a whole shall understand the true secret behind the call for the emergency of Biafrans, they would join hands in one accord to quests for this very mission effectively without looking the other way round. For so many decades, many African countries have absolutely been into perpetual slavery and no one could stand to speak for them. The white believes that our whole lives are meant to be so and therefore, we have no right to a total freedom. But if Africans can come to the awakening of their consciousness, then, they will definitely live to retrieve their lost integrity. The would be one body, one people, and great continents again. All Africans needs now is total unity, total mental freedom from all that their white supremacists have brought to them and finally, they need total emancipation just as it was prophesied.
Lastly, Africans as a whole must surely see the need for the support of emergency of one African country from the world and that is Biafra. They all must stand firm and support for a Referendum to be granted to them, because once the bight of Biafra is restored, then shall all African be liberated once again.
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