■Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■July 22, 2018
There arose a great sword of war sharpen and ready to protect the indigenous people in a great land, whose land flourishing with milk and honey is about to be invaded by Fulani herdsmen terrorist. The sword shall checkmate every corners and cranny of the land to litter and waste every garbages of the enemies it encounters the eyes of the enemies shall be plucked off while their heads will be hacked down by the warriors of justice.
The sword shall be a sword of justice for the unpressurized people and not a sword of injustice, else it's not a sword of justice. It shall be a sword of stranded indigenous people, not a sword for hunting unarmed and defenceless people.
The sword shall bare the blood's of foes to the podium and bury every head of Fulani herdsmen terrorist in our land. The sword shall slaughter every Fulani herdsmen armed with sophisticated weapon's to invade our land.
It shall slaughter the terrorist nearest to us and hack the head's of those afar,the sword is taste and hungry of blood's and flesh of terrorist causing havoc in her land's, to appeal the sword of war and justice her sword must be stain with the blood's of her enemies while her soil nourishers the flesh. The sword of justice is knocking on your door's calling and yowling for self _defence against the murderous rampaging Fulani herdsmen terrorist in her territory. You must be truthful and pure in heart to accept the sword of war and justice, thy heart and hand's must be hardened and strong like that of a lion to spill the blood's of your enemies and slaughter their bodies.
Arise oh you warrior's of the land put on your shield and sword of war and protect your children from the impending doom that is about to befall us. Sharpen your sword, oh you great mother's and women of the land for the enemies is fasting approaching to slaughter your children and defile your beautiful daughter's. The sword of mass destruction has risen in the land to avenge the death of his people, oh yes the sword shall be with you very soon but my question to you is are you prepare? The sword is in your heart and hand's go and sharpen yours and be ready for the war ahead.
I can hear the sword saying you must spill the blood's of his enemies with impunity because without shedding the blood's of her enemies our gallant heroes and heroin's will never forgive us, the time to slaughter these terrorist rampaging our lands is now or never.
In due time the sword shall cause havoc in the camp's of our enemies, while the spirit will descend on every indigenous people in the land for the task ahead. Biafra the might sword of war is here to redeem his people and get justice for them.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John For Umuchiukwu Writers

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