By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The current economic recession, which has beclouded the failed Nigerian state takes me back to the saying "When God wants to punish a people, He gives them bad leaders". Bad leaders who don't care or know nothing about the ethics of leadership. Whatever happens in a society, be it political or religious, the leaders are held responsible because they decide the fate of the people. He who blows the Piper dictates the sound. In a democratic society, the government serves as the blower of the piper and the dictator of the sound and therefore will be held responsible for whatever happens.

The rate at which people lose their lives, wallow in misery, and have their nature given human rights encroached on by the so-called political bigwigs in Nigeria is quite outrageous. The difficulties faced in the day to day activities of an average Nigerian accounts for the breakdown of rule and orderliness in this contraption called Nigeria, courtesy, the irredeemably corrupt nature of their leaders.

The leaders of this monstrous enclave are so engrossed in looting dry the wealth of the state for self-aggrandizement, instead of creating opportunities, or even allowing entrepreneurs create opportunities that will upgrade the standard of living of the poor and unfortunate individuals inhabiting this hell on earth called Nigeria. Provided the kids of these politicians are living fine and studying in conducive environments abroad, 'life's good' therefore the rest of the people can go to hell.

Because of the banal and rinky-dink policies of the Nigerian government that allows the statue of a corrupt leader of a much developed country like South Africa, who is being probed for various crimes he committed in his country, and under whose watch Nigerians who are sojourning in South Africa in search of greener pastures, are being murdered in their numbers by the South African police force and cohorts on daily basis.

The 'ROACH' occupying the seat of power in the Imo state government house in the person of Rochas Okorocha, deemed it good and interesting to erect the statue of Jacob Zuma in the capital city of Imo State, Owerri, with a whopping sum of 530million naira as alleged, whereas people in this same state, are dying owing to hunger; lack of job opportunities; insecurity; lawlessness etc., and this government of corruption and evil has not been probed at all, they will defect from one political party to another (ruling party), so as to escape judgment and eventual indictment.

The government of Nigeria presided over by Muhammad Buhari, who has itty-bitty knowledge of leadership, has a constitution, which is reserved for the poor masses to obey, and to be flouted by the corrupt bourgeois. The corrupt politicians break laws that don’t favour their corrupt status in the state. Where there is no equity and justice anarchy prevails because nature abhors space. The leaders of the monstrous creation of the British in Africa called Nigeria, do not want anything called constitution for the fear of being indicted and punished for their evil activities, because "equity (justice) disallows a leader to stay in lofty office out of touch from the realities that exist in the society"---Prof. Livingrich EZEIKPE (2017)

The Nigerian government is not bothered about the quality of education that the youths who are supposed to be the potential leaders are fed with at all times. The education standard is below everything, that's why we have attorneys at law who watch the constitution being flagrantly decimated by the Nigerian politicians with impunity and nothing is done about it. There is always this clamour for orderliness amongst the citizens, by the Nigerian government, yet they forgot that with enough education the citizens don't need many laws or even soldiers to live and walk in civility...

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