Terrorist Buhari

By Johnbosco Udonwa
For Biafra Choice Writers

“No man putting his hands on the plough and looking back is fit for service in the kingdom of God”.

This Biblical passage best reveals the folly of many Biafrans, who claim to have their hearts for Biafra but their eyes are on Nigeria’s dirty politics. They claim to want Biafra, but would jump into the bandwagon of Nigerian politics each time election (and the sharing of money involved in it) is mentioned.  In other worlds they instantly and shamelessly play the dog that goes back to its vomit with every approaching scam called election in Nigeria. They know Nigeria does not hold elections, but organizes scams to deceive the international community, and yet they participate because of the bribe money they receive from their Fulani overlords.
Yet, they still think they will gain Biafra.
These sleazy people are so pathetic that once they encounter a true hardcore Biafran that has rejected Nigeria and all its “gilded toys” called political patronage, they get angry and begin to foam at the sides of their mouth. At one instant they will be asking for Biafra, by participating in every Biafra independence activity, with such hunger and enthusiasm you will think they are real and that nothing else mattered to them. But the next instant, they will be discussing Nigerian politics with such gusto you would wonder whether they are humans or programmed computers.
We have many of such Biafrans possessed of this folly – from Bayelsa to Benue, from Agbor to Akwa Ibom, and from those at home to those in Diaspora. They have shown themselves as men, and women, who put their hands on the plow and still look back. They have proven to be men and women without integrity.
You know them by the inanities they clamour for. They clamour for such things as President of Igbo extraction, another state for Southeast, Restructuring, and all such other nonsense. Whenever and wherever you see such people, ignore them and move on. They are nothing but “efulefu”.

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