Solid and formidable Biafrans

By Dave O. Umahi
For Biafra Choice Writers

Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari and his Moslem Brotherhood government has become so predictable that all his scams are easily read by the people and punctured. Everything he has done to deceive Nigerians, even to consider him for a second stint in office, has been crashing and capitulating before his very eyes.
Just as he failed with the stunt to sway the mind of the Yoruba’s of the South West with the conferment of a National Award on MKO Abiola; his plans to deceive the world about the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) with “Restructuring” gambit, has hit the rock.
Our findings show that of all his stunts of the past few months, the one that has given him the greatest bitterness and anger at the moment is that of IPOB truncating his restructuring gambit with peripheral and compromised groups in Biafraland. He has lost his sleep since he failed completely with that latest scheme to deceive the world about Biafra and Biafrans.
Following the international pressure, he has been receiving on the issue of IPOB’s call for Biafra Referendum and Biafra independence, he had sought to prove to the world that the problem was neither him nor his government; but IPOB. He had lied to them that the singular reason why he had not initiated dialogued with the Biafran agitators was because he did not know which group to dialogue with, since (according to him) there were several groups fighting for Biafra.
This was in spite of the fact that he knew that the only genuine group fighting for Biafra restoration was IPOB, and that most of the other so-called groups were created by his government and Ohaneze Ndigbo (a collection of sleazy and money-mongering Igbo politicians) to counter IPOB. This was why Buhari instigated the groups to form a coalition (under Ohaneze tutelage) so that government would dialogue with them as Biafrans. It was deception, and all the other groups fell for it, especially as bribe money was involved.
IPOB stayed away. Do you blame IPOB? Please don’t. Their intelligence gathering was second to none in Africa, and as true Biafrans, they were able to unearth what the true plans behind the Biafra coalition trick.
The trick was as simple and as childish as Buhari and his Moslem Brotherhood party will always produce. The intention was to initiate a dialogue with the groups working as a coalition. Then somewhere along the way, the peripheral and compromised groups like MASSOB; Billie Human Rights Initiative (BHRI); Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN); Biafra Independent Movement (BIM); and several others would be asked to move for “Restructuring”.
Buhari and his people were in no doubt that the highly cerebral and determined IPOB, the true body of Biafrans, will reject the “Restructuring” demand – which is neither here nor there.  The intention of Buhari and his government is that they would use that as an opportunity to initiate a campaign against IPOB internationally as the sole problem with the dialogue. They expected that it would help them succeed in isolating IPOB internationally, a feat they were not able to achieve through the fake terrorist tag.
But having discovered what it was all about, IPOB stayed away, and the coalition gambit has fallen flat on its face like all the other plots against Biafrans. As things stand now, intelligence gathered about Nigerian government is that both Buhari and his fellow Fulani terrorists in government are twisting and turning like a huge wounded snake in anger, shame, and frustration.
It has now dawned on all and sundry that IPOB has scored another bull’s eye against Nigerian government, and all those peripheral and compromised groups are biting their nails in regret. Interestingly, what many of them did not realize was that neither Buhari nor his henchmen in the Fulani terrorist government had any intention of conceding an inch of ground to the so-called Restructuring – which is neither here nor there.

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