By Arinze Chukwu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Nigerians are crying over the killings in all parts of the country by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen while Mr. President is silent over the issue. There are no two ways about it, that the Nigeria before is no longer the Nigeria today in the sense that the people appointed to protect lives and property are the ones promoting killings.

The Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari has a purpose in rigging the 2015 election- just to be in power. His APC party slogan "Change” deceived Nigerians. Truly, Nigerians needed a change but no one asked what type of change Buhari was campaigning for? Today everybody has seen the change and Buhari's point of view. He has changed the Nigerian system of government -Democracy to Anarchy before the very eyes of people, there is nothing anybody can do about it because he said it and he is doing it. He changed the system of ministerial appointment from including the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria to his government to appointing only from his region. He changed the name” terrorist” the killers- Fulani herdsman and Boko Haram are known for and shifted to the innocent and peaceful Biafran asking for freedom.

Buhari's agenda is to Islamize Nigeria and there is no how he will succeed without changing the entire system of government in Nigeria and that is exactly what is happening today but my fear is that nobody is asking questions about it. He assured the OIC during a seminar held in Kaduna State, that "I will continue to show openly and inside of me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria “God willing, we will never stop the agitation for total implementation of Sharia in the country "; that is exactly what is happening now in Nigeria.

Buhari has appointed the eleven key players including himself to achieve his aim. These are:
1) Dan Ali (minister of Defence)
2) Danbazzau (minister of internal affairs)
3) Lawal Daura (DSS)
4) Magu (EFCC)
5) Brutai (Army Chief)
6) Idris (IG of Police)
7) Abubakar (Nig. Intelligence agency)
8) Malami (Attorney General)
9) Mongunu (National Security Adviser)
10) Abba kyari (Buhari's Chief of Staff)
11) Muhammadu Buhari (president).

These are the Nigerian key players that are behind the atrocities being committed in Nigeria. They are protecting and defending the terrorist in Nigeria (Boko Haram insurgents and Fulani herdsmen). The war against insurgents can never be won because those appointed to fight them are the ones behind the acts. It is only God that can serve the lives of Christians in Nigeria.

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