The name BIAFRA is a nomenclature the people of old eastern contraption called Nigeria is identified with even before the arrival of Frederick lord Lugard of Britain and his fellow slave masters who amalgamated the contraption known Nigeria today.

In the ascents map of Africa Biafra was there but the name Nigeria was not there, to show you the superiority of Biafra to Nigeria, one of the tiles on the floor of British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) where the list of old and existing countries during 17, 18 and 19 centuries were listed, the name Biafra was listed among the exiting countries till date it has not being removed but the name Nigeria was not included and it is not scripted there.

The nomenclature Biafra was given to the people of Israel who journeyed from the camp of Israel on their way from Egypt to Canaan the promised land, when the children of Israel conspired with Aaron to make an idol god for them since Moses could not return as anticipated when he went to collect the ten commandments from God Almighty on the mountain for the Israelites in the wilderness to Sahara Desert to Ethiopia down to Agulu, the present Agulu-Eri in Anambra state in Biafra land.

They were given the name Biafra because they behave like God's own people, the name simply means 'Bia furu ndi neme ka chineke' (Come and see those that behave like God), from the time in memorial Biafra has being a holy name because the people are holy just like Chukwu-Okike-Abiama their creator. They are the descendants of Jacob God's chosen people among the nations of the earth; direct from the tribe of Eri.

The holiness attached to the name Biafra is such that the darkness cannot withstand, on the mention of the name Biafra! anywhere both physically and spiritually, the devil and its agents will flee, the name causes a lot of trembling and conflagration in the camp of enemies, especially in the evil contraption called Nigeria.

In most Nigeria electronic media, when you call in to their audience participatory programs, the moment you mention the name Biafra! The brown envelope journalists will cut you off because it will demoralize their evil activities.

Biafra is a nomenclature that fears the devil and the agents of devil anywhere they may be on its hearing. It is a name that the bearers should be happy to be identified with at all times because it paves away for many things just to be identified as a Biafran, unlike Nigeria that the bearers and her citizens are ashamed of being addressed as such. Majority of Nigeria would desist from being addressed or identified as Nigerians anywhere around the world due to her evil affiliations.

Millions of people around the world today wants to be identified as Biafrans because they are richly endowed by Chukwu-Okike-Abiama (God almighty) in so many ways both in human potentialities and natural resources. 

Biafrans! Be proud of your nomenclature anywhere anytime, be proud of whom you are and stand strong in the struggle for your total freedom from the British contraption called Nigeria.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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