■ Author:  Ugochinyere Onyechere 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 1 June 2018
Umuchiukwu Writers Report From Aba Province that the Sit-At-Home order issued by the leadership of Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) recorded a massive success in Aba Province Biafra land.
The observance of this order took another shape as shops, schools, motor parks, business areas, churches, banks, companies and markets became deserted as early as 7: am today the 30th day of May 2018. Umuchiukwu Writers were able to visit popular places in Aba province, and we had the good evidence to prove that Biafrans in Aba province responded positively to the order.

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However, the first news came in that the Nigeria Army under the auspices of the 144 battalions stormed uratta junction by Port-Harcourt road Aba and shot sporadically at people in the vicinity. Evidence proved that a young football star and a student of Nigeria university studying Medicine and surgery was shot dead by a Hausa soldier for no reason. More investigative proves are coming from Umuchiukwu regarding the killing of the late twenties Nnamdi.

Early today, we had visited the popular timber market along Port-Harcourt expressway Aba, the good news is that all the shops were totally locked up. We moved straight to Ogbosis fist gate and found the ghost mood very astonishing. The whole shops were closed, and no single being was inside the market. The popular uratta junction was also dry, there were no Keke or buses parked as was done on common grounds.

Throughout the Uratta major streets, shops and other offices were under lock. The Port-Harcourt road Aba made my day, as there was no single sight of any moving object. Also, shops and offices were under key locks. Other sources proved that the popular new market (AHIA-OHURU) was also shut down as the sit-at-home order was in progress. Other markets that were locked includes Ariaria international market, Cemetery market, and other petty trading markets. Banks were also locked down as securities resisted people from entering into the premises.

This is massive, Once again Ipob has proven to be the voice Biafrans recognize. It is also confirmed that Biafrans are ready to leave. They do not want to be acknowledged under this evil contraption Nigeria, and hence Biafrans have shown that resoluteness and commitment to the restoration of her dear Nation Biafra.

Publisher: Udeagha Obasi FOR UMUCHIUKWU WRITERS
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