Nathanyahu: Israeli leader

Dave O. Umahi
For Biafra Choice Writers

We saw the greatest act of deceit and hypocrisy yesterday, Monday, May 14, during the opening of United States of America (USA) Embassy in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.  The deceit and hypocrisy was perpetrated by Nigerian terrorist ruler, Muhammadu Buhari, the one they call the president of Nigeria.
Almost everybody has come to know Buhari, not only as a Muslim religious bigot; a terrorist and grandfathers of terrorists, but also as a hypocrite, a liar, and a deceiver. He performed this act very well on Monday, when he sent Nigerian representatives to the US Embassy-opening; but had his Police brutalizing and abducting Biafran Jewish believers for celebrating the same US Embassy-opening.
The Police, after molesting, torturing and abducting the Biafran Jewish believers had this to say: “We arrested the Jewish worshippers because they were shouting Shalom and the religion is not known to Nigerian law”. The people were brought to court on trumped-up charges.
Meanwhile on another plank, his boys, the Fulani herdsmen, who he empowers and protects are busy killing and committing ethnic cleansing against Christians all over Nigeria, he is going about to deceive USA and Israel that he supports them.
Murderous Fulani herdsmen

His Police and Army are murdering Biafrans and pouring acid on them so that their people will not recognize them.
Every Biafran, and many Nigerians know that Buhari is only seeking their support to rig himself into power again as Barrack and Obama and David Cameron aided him to do in 2015. He is seeking another term in office to complete his islamization agenda of the entire Nigeria and Biafraland.
To show you how hypocritical this man is, it is on record that he in 2016 in Qatar declared: "Our support for various Security Council resolutions restoring and respecting 1967 borders with Jerusalem as capital of Palestine is firm and unshaken."
The murderer and terrorist in December 2017, added his accursed Nigeria as one of the 128 countries of the UN that had a resolution rejecting and condemning Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Now, because he is seeking to have US support him when he rigs the so-called election in Nigeria come 2019, he added Nigeria among the 30 countries represented at the US's Jerusalem embassy opening event, which as a matter of fact went against the principle of the resolutions he claimed his support for was “firm and unshaken”.
USA and Israel had better not take this unserious, inconsistent and murderous Moslem fundamentalist serious.

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