■ Author:  Okwunna Okongwu 
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■ May 20, 2018

Gavest thou the wings and feathers to the ostrich? Which leaveth her eggs in the earth, and warmeth them in the dust, And forgeteth that the foot may crush them, or that the wild beast may break them. SHE IS HARDENED AGAINST HER YOUNG ONES, as though they are not her's, HER LABOR IS IN VAIN WITHOUT FEAR; Because God had DEPRIVED HER OF WISDOM, NEITHER HAD HE IMPARTED TO HER UNDERSTANDING. What time she lifteth her self on high, (when it runs, because it does not fly), she scorneth the horse and his rider. (it disgraces the horse because of its speed that is more than that of the horse). (Job 39;13-18).
The above is an unambiguous, succinct and precise description of the bird that we call the giant bird (enyi nnụnụ) in our locality, which is the ostrich, by the maker and owner of the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them. You can see clearly that the ostrich is physically prodigiously endowed with visible attributes; great size, great strength, beauty, outstanding attractions, and a delicious meal. But the same ostrich with all these uncommon endowments is deprived of wisdom, nor is imparted with understanding.
You may recall the local proverb that talks about the ostrich hiding its head in the sand. This proverb has its roots in the damnable characteristic of the ostrich that makes it hide its head in the sand whenever it is threatened by any danger, assuring itself of safety, while leaving its massive body at the mercy of every hostile element. (With that kind of exposure, concerning the safety of the ostrich, your guess is as good as mine). The above is the exact description of Mohammed Abubakar Nurudeen Nwodo, who ordinary, would have been seen to be a high calibre personality. Being a high calibre personality should have been the case because, by human calculation, Nwodo could be said to have undergone all the processes that would have made him equipped enough as to have unlimited confidence vested in him.
Nwodo came from a responsible family, had sound education, got exposed to the privileges that are available to only or mostly the royalty, and equally got exposed to the oppression, subjugation, marginalization, total exclusion being meted upon his people, and lately, the exterminative genocide being impunitiously executed against his own people, unfortunately, with the direct approval and collaboration of Nwodo. In describing the ostrich, God said that she is hardened against her young ones as though they are not hers. Nwodo, at above 70 years, is so hardened against the younger generation of Biafrans as though they are not of the same ancestry with him. He is not interested in the preservation of the lineage of Biafrans to the point that he stands against EVERYTHING Biafrans stand for, including facilitating their death. Which elder or father, at seventy years, will not be urging the younger ones or his children to hurriedly take over leadership and rejig the system? Which father will not want his child to reconfigure, reinvent, re-engineer, reinvigorate, revitalise, and reposition whatever the father had founded for more effective and competitive engagement? If a seventy-year-old man is spearheading the charting of the course for tomorrow, what will be the basis upon which he will make decisions? But not for Nwodo. He wants to be seen by his Hausa Fulani paymasters as working hard to justify the blood money that was paid to him.

Was it not Nwodo that was paid to keep silent as the Hausa Fulani jihadists and militia invaded, occupied, and possessed a large chunk of Nsukka axis in the name of herdsmen? Was it not Nwodo that collected blood money and ganged up with other retrogressive minded people like him to counter the genuine and legitimate Biafra demand as spearheaded by the IPOB? Was it not Nwodo, who when he should have been discussing with our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, concerning how best to approach the issues regarding the demand for Biafra that was sending shock waves across the length and breadth of the British inhumanity called Nigeria, went to the founders of Radio Buhari, to discuss how to ensure that our leader never came out from prison so that they would hijack the leadership of IPOB and continue to scam, defraud, misguided, and mislead the Biafrans endlessly? Was it not Nwodo, when he saw that his treachery had been discovered, and was therefore despised and disdained, went and connived with other Judases, including the five leprous fingers of the upland part of Biafra (who call themselves governors), soldiers of Judas and Radio Buhari (SOJ and RBI), to prescribe the IPOB? Was it not Nwodo, who, when he saw that his degeneracy was becoming irredeemable, in a brazen act of clear insensitivity, begged the murderous gangsters and impostors at Aso Rock to declare the IPOB as terrorists? ... And God deprived her of wisdom, neither had He knowledge imparted to her. One visible demonstration of lack of wisdom and deprivation of understanding on the part of Nwodo is that while Hausa Fulani almajiris were hiding their terroristic, riotous, clamorous, destructive, and genocidal children, despite all the havoc they were wrecking everywhere, Nwodo went to Abuja and brought what remains the darkest chapter of his life called OPERATION PYTHON DANCE 2. This operation Python dance 2 left thousands of our people dead, with several hundred, including our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, his parents and other members of his household still missing till date.
It is noteworthy that immediately after this unprecedented carnage upon our people, Nwodo flew to Abuja, popping champagne, receiving commendation and monetary rewards for the successful massacre of our people. But it is equally worthwhile to mention that immediately after this carnage organised and superintended by Nwodo and his co-scavengers and predators called operation Python dance 2, Nwodo died. Because he has become reprobate,, because he has become conscienceless, because he has become blinded by the hallucinatory delusions about reward with a political appointment, and because he is rationalising irrationality, Nwodo is altogether dead. It is still this lack of wisdom and deprivation of knowledge that is pushing Nwodo to insist on having his senseless jamboree (called the restructuring summit) at Awka, despite knowing very well that it is not best for Biafrans, as it signifies dancing on the graves of our brothers and sisters killed by those hired by Nwodo.
The worst of Nwodo's pitiable arrogance, which is founded on efulefuism, is that Nwodo is shamelessly boasting that the genocidal, terroristic, anarchical, and feudalistic Muslim Brotherhood tyranny called federal government, is providing him with the rank and file of the Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen in military and police uniforms, to provide "protection, security, and safety" for him. And our question is, who will Hausa Fulani Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen protect you against in Awka? Is it not very clear how this Nwodo that is devoid of wisdom and understanding does not know that he has just been paid subtly to superintend another round of massacre of his own people? And you can see him going about, boasting of his readiness to clinically do so, by shamelessly proclaiming how the Hausa Fulani are coming in large numbers to "provide security" for him. Nwodo, how will your enemy protect you from your own family? How many Hausa Fulani provided security for our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, before you masterminded his disappearance or even possible death? In all, it is clear, Nwodo, that you have accepted money (persuasion to hold the irritable summit, and the deceit that Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen will provide you security) to kill your own people, the benefit of your paymasters. (I nye m ego, e gbuo m onwe m).
But we still reiterate to Nwodo in no uncertain terms, that no matter how many battalions or divisions of uniformed Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen that is made available to you, that despicable shambolic charade will not hold anywhere in Biafra land. If you are organising a summit that will be geared towards conducting a referendum, the outcome of which will be a determination for restructuring or total sovereignty, you can be sure of being on the same page with your people,. But where your exertion of energy is on the restructuring your masters have told you that they can never allow, what then is the essence of the shadows they have sent you to be chasing? Meanwhile, we still remind our brothers and sisters of our HEROES DAY, which is coming up on the 30th of May. It is a day we have set aside to honour our departed and living heroes/heroines. It is equally a day marked out to honour our beloved ones who made the Supreme sacrifice so that we can live.
Therefore, as we honour them, we are at the same time reaffirming our resolve to end the British occupation of our homeland through their proxy, the terroristic and parasitic Nigeria. We then urge every Biafran to ensure total cooperation and participation, while not leaving our various families behind. God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. God bless Biafra. Come Oh Biafra quickly. All hail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. All hail Biafra. #EndNigeriaNow #BoycottEveryNigeriaElection #SitAtHomeOn30thMay #BiafraReferendumNow

Edited By Udeagha Obasi
Published by Umuchiukwu Writers

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